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Pou Chen to cut 6 000 jobs in Vietnam

Mar 1, 2023 / Vietnam
The Taiwanese-based footwear manufacturer has reportedly slashed 3 000 jobs amidst weak demand. Another 3 000 people will not see their labour contracts extended by the end of the year

Taipei Fashion Week partners with JOOR Passport

Oct 5, 2022 / Taiwan
For a third season, the Taiwanese Fashion Designers will be featured in an exclusive event on JOOR Passport’s digital platform

Pou Chen posts net profit decline

Jun 6, 2022 / Taiwan
The Taiwanese manufacturer of branded sports footwear reported a drop of 26.1% in net profit in the first quarter of 2022 due to fewer investment gains from its Nan Shan Life Insurance unit

Taiwanese footwear manufacturer Hong Fu to invest in Tamil Nadu

Apr 21, 2022 / India
Hong Fu, whose clients include Nike, Puma, Converse and Vans, will invest 1 000 crore (about 131 million USD) to build a new footwear unit in Southern India that is expected to create 20 000 jobs

Strike at Pou Chen’s factory in Vietnam

Jan 12, 2022 / Vietnam
Thousands went on strike at a factory in southern Vietnam that belongs to the Taiwanese manufacturer of branded sports footwear. Employees are demanding better year-end bonuses

Pou Chen struggles with Vietnamese labour shortage

Nov 17, 2021 / Vietnam
The Taiwanese manufacturer of branded sports footwear is facing a labour shortage in Vietnam, which is aggravating supply chain disruptions. Its clients include Nike, adidas and Reebok

Pou Chen with growing sales

Jul 16, 2019 / Taiwan
By the end of June consolidated sales by Taiwanese-based footwear manufacturer giant reached 0.8 billion US dollars

Tomorrow’s challenges by Victor Luis

Premium ContentFeb 18, 2019 / United States
We spoke with Mr. Luis about the current state of the accessories market and the fashion world and went over the challenging momentum of today's markets. That was the starting point to go on a reflection about tomorrow's main challenges within the fashion industry

Stable sales at Pou Chen

Apr 4, 2018 / Taiwan
By the end of February consolidated sales of the Taiwanese-based company, a major manufacturer for worldwide recognized footwear brands, reached 1.4 billion US dollars

Pou Chen with drop in sales

Mar 16, 2017 / Taiwan
The Taiwanese-based company and manufacturer for major international footwear brands has reported year to date sales. By the end of February consolidated sales of the company were down by 6%

Giant unveils new performance footwear

Aug 9, 2015 / Taiwan
The Taiwan-based company, a key player in cycling, has announced its debut into cycling footwear, introducing new on-road and off-road shoes
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