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Vietnam retains second spot in global footwear exports in February

Apr 17, 2024 / Vietnam
Vietnam remained the world’s second-largest exporter of footwear after China in February, with a turnover of 1.17 billion USD, according to figures released by the General Department of Customs

Global slowdown in international footwear trade

Premium ContentJan 17, 2024 / World Footwear Reports
A sluggish demand in two of the main areas for footwear consumption, the US and Europe, resulted in a global slowdown in international trade throughout 2023. Check the snapshot of the performance of the main players with the figures known so far

Another round of lay-offs at Pou Chen in Vietnam

Sep 5, 2023 / Vietnam
The Baoyuan Vietnam shoe factory, which is run by Yue Yuen, a subsidiary of Pou Chen Corp, has laid off 1 221 people at the end of August. Since the beginning of 2023, around 10 000 jobs have been cut

Wave of layoffs continues in Vietnam

Jul 14, 2023 / Vietnam
An estimated 217 800 people have lost their jobs in Vietnam in the second quarter of 2023 due to the significant decline in orders since the end of 2022, says the General Statistics Office (GSO)

Pou Chen to slash further 6 000 jobs in Vietnam

May 16, 2023 / Vietnam
Amid a continuing wave of declining orders, the Taiwanese-based footwear manufacturer, which is one of the largest employers in Ho Chi Minh City, will lay off around 6 000 people

Pou Chen to cut 6 000 jobs in Vietnam

Mar 1, 2023 / Vietnam
The Taiwanese-based footwear manufacturer has reportedly slashed 3 000 jobs amidst weak demand. Another 3 000 people will not see their labour contracts extended by the end of the year

Vietnam: leather and footwear exports on the rise

Sep 14, 2022 / Vietnam
In the first seven months of 2022, Vietnamese leather and footwear exports were up by 13%, as compared to the same period of last year, reaching 14 billion US dollars

Yue Yuen turns around

Mar 25, 2022 / Hong Kong
The company posted revenue growth of 1% to 8.53 billion US dollars over the full year 2021, as compared to the previous year, amidst a challenging operating environment

Vietnam is now responsible for 10% of the world footwear exports

Premium ContentFeb 23, 2022 / World Footwear Yearbook
The Asian country has been on the top 3 of the largest footwear exporters since we started to publish the World Footwear Yearbook in 2011. However, in 2020, for the first time Vietnam has crossed the 10% threshold

Vietnamese factories to continue working amid Omicron surge

Feb 21, 2022 / Vietnam
Despite a new peak in COVID-19 infections, the high vaccination rate has enabled factories to continue producing, reversing last year’s policy of lockdowns

Strike at Pou Chen’s factory in Vietnam

Jan 12, 2022 / Vietnam
Thousands went on strike at a factory in southern Vietnam that belongs to the Taiwanese manufacturer of branded sports footwear. Employees are demanding better year-end bonuses

Vietnamese workers reluctant to go back to work

Jan 5, 2022 / Vietnam
Generalized labour shortage across the manufacturing sector slows down Vietnam's economic recovery, despite companies offering better wages and benefits to attract workers back

Yue Yuen with revenue slowdown

Nov 18, 2021 / Hong Kong
The group has announced results for the first nine months of 2021. Growth slowed down in the third quarter due to disruptions in manufacturing operations in Vietnam and weak retail sales

Pou Chen struggles with Vietnamese labour shortage

Nov 17, 2021 / Vietnam
The Taiwanese manufacturer of branded sports footwear is facing a labour shortage in Vietnam, which is aggravating supply chain disruptions. Its clients include Nike, adidas and Reebok

Vietnam: industry faces contractual penalties and order cancellations

Oct 20, 2021 / Vietnam
Several Vietnamese apparel and footwear companies have incurred contractual penalties for delivery delays this year, while facing unexpected order cancellations for 2022
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