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US Retail: it’s all about the prices

Premium ContentFeb 28, 2024 / United States
There are signs that footwear retail sales could rise moderately in the near term, but this will all depend on future price behaviour. On the one hand, the CPI suggests that the risk of renewed price rises is well contained, but on the other hand, retailers continue to manage excess inventories, so their pricing power may not be more evident until 2024. Perhaps better news comes from consumers’ inflation expectations for the next 12 months, as they seem to believe that they will get a break from inflation, which usually leads to more discretionary demand

Germany Retail: despite some good news, retailers continue to worry

Premium ContentFeb 1, 2024 / World Footwear Reports
German retailers’ worries are not over. Despite a slight uptrend in the Textile, Clothing, and Footwear (TCF) Retail index, in line with the recent positive trend in consumer confidence indicators, their concerns go well beyond nominal performance and focus on whether inflation will continue to erode margins. Put simply, passing on costs to customers or closing down altogether is still keeping them up at night. As the first quarter is traditionally slow, and the volatile geopolitical situation could change at any moment, we are cautious about making near-term forecasts

France Retail: with no crystal ball and eyes wide shut

Premium ContentJan 12, 2024 / France
Despite the slowdown in inflation in recent months and the slight improvement in consumer confidence, footwear retail remains on a downward trend. There is some hope for an upturn in the retail environment in the first half of 2024, but the available data on imports at the moment does not allow us to look ahead with sufficient clarity. Meanwhile, the online second-hand market shows signs of becoming increasingly relevant in France

South Korean Coupang acquires Farfetch

Dec 19, 2023 / United Kingdom
The South Korean e-commerce giant has agreed to buy Farfetch in a bailout deal, providing the online luxury platform with 500 million USD in emergency funding. Deal to acquire a 47.5% stake in Yoox Net-a-Porter is off

US online sales to exceed 1.1 trillion dollars in 2023

Dec 5, 2023 / United States
E-commerce sales in the US are on track to exceed 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2023, up by 7% over 2022. But this growth is set to be the weakest since the 2009 recession

Farfetch’s owner is reportedly considering taking the company private

Nov 30, 2023 / United Kingdom
The online luxury retailer’s Chief Executive Officer José Neves is reportedly in talks with top shareholders and JP Morgan advisers to delist the company

Cautious British consumers hold back on spending

Nov 16, 2023 / United Kingdom
Figures by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) suggest that retail growth slowed down in October due to the impact of inflation, with consumers deciding to reduce spending ahead of the holidays

Japan Retail: footwear trade is not expected to improve until the end of the year

Premium ContentNov 14, 2023 / Japan
Despite some positive news on the growth of department store sales and the return of foreign tourists, rising consumer prices set alarm bells ringing in September, suggesting that Japanese consumers in general are cutting back on spending and may be at their breaking point. In addition, the reduction in the volume of footwear imports and the impact of the country’s monetary policy on the cost of imported goods is another sign that footwear retail is unlikely to improve by the end of the year. The Government has been taking measures, but the outcome shouldn’t be seen until 2024

US Retail: footwear prospects until the end of the year are at a standstill

Premium ContentNov 12, 2023 / United States
Despite signs of a certain resilience from consumers over the summer, companies are taking a cautious approach for the rest of 2023. The long deceleration in footwear inflation came to a halt in August, so if the trend recedes, wage increases will have to follow suit, or the positive outlook for footwear retail could be jeopardised. It’s not surprising how carefully retailers are managing their inventory at the moment: neither too much nor too little

Amazon posts robust third quarter

Nov 8, 2023 / United States
The Seattle-based online giant posted a strong performance in the third quarter of 2023, with profits rising significantly to 9.9 billion USD from 2.9 billion USD in the same quarter of 2022

Zalando lowers full year GMV and revenue guidance

Nov 7, 2023 / Germany
Despite confirming its 2023 profits guidance, the online retailer has lowered its GMV and revenue outlook revenue on the “expectation of continued pressure on demand for the rest of the year”

Amazon to expand drone deliveries to the UK and Italy

Oct 26, 2023 / United States
The Seattle-based online retail giant announced the expansion of the Prime Air drone delivery system to customers in Italy and the UK by the end of 2024. A third US city will also be covered

Partnership between Richemont and Farfetch receives antitrust clearance

Oct 24, 2023 / United Kingdom
The European Commission (EC) has “unconditionally” approved Farfetch’s acquisition of a 47.5% stake in Yoox Net-a-Porter. The EC was the last regulatory authority required to give authorisation

Germany Retail: retailers’ troubles are far from over

Premium ContentOct 20, 2023 / World Footwear Reports
Confidence indicators are a red flag for retail at the moment, especially on the retailers’ side. The slow decline in inflation is likely to have a negative impact on consumer prices in the clothing and footwear segment, which will undoubtedly continue to limit consumers’ purchasing power; even the fall in import prices is not entirely positive news, as it will take time to translate into reality. Only the online channel seems to be more optimistic about the times ahead

Spartoo posts an improvement in EBITDA

Oct 13, 2023 / France
In the first half of the year, amidst a challenging macroeconomic environment, the French-based retailer reported a decline in GMV and sales, but an improvement in its profitability
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