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Giant unveils new performance footwear

Aug 9, 2015 Taiwan

Giant Performance Footwear

The Taiwan-based company, a key player in cycling, has announced its debut into cycling footwear, introducing new on-road and off-road shoes

Giant is introducing an all-new line of performance footwear built with innovative design concepts and technologies and featuring a new approach to footwear called the Motion Efficiency System. According to the company these new road and off-road shoes deliver “improved power transfer, comfort and fit”.

All of the new performance footwear models were developed under Giant’s Dynamic Cycling Fit (DCF) design philosophy, based on extensive research and engineering to create gear that functions best while in motion.

“We developed our Dynamic Cycling Fit approach a few years ago to rethink product development from a dynamic point of view”, stated Giant Global Executive Director of Gear Stan Mavis, adding: “DCF is about applying the most advanced research and testing methodologies to produce innovative gear that improves the cycling experience. This new line of footwear, which introduces some never-before-seen technologies for cycling shoes, really represents that idea.”

Three new models were now presented: the Surge on-road shoe, and the Charge and Amp off-road shoes, and result from from a collaborative process, which included biomechanics experts, the Rabobank Development Team, and Giant off-road racers.

The new footwear models will be available in selected markets later this year.

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