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Turkish international trade in detail

Oct 23, 2019 / Turkey
According to Turkish Statistical Institute the share of large enterprises in exports was 44.6%. Exports were mostly aimed to the EU 28. More details were revealed

Turkey: retail volume down in August

Oct 16, 2019 / Turkey
According to the Turkish Statistical Institute retail sales volume decreased by 4.3%, compared with the same month of the previous year

New deal between Turkish-based FLO and Nine West

Jul 31, 2019 / Turkey
Turkey-based footwear company FLO acquired the licensing rights of fashion brand Nine West. The Turkish press is reporting they will now produce to the local market and take over the Nine West stores as well

Turkish shoe brands facing debt issues

Oct 12, 2018 / Turkey
Local agency news are reporting several issues faced by Turkish footwear companies, going from debt restructuring issues to closure of stores

Manu atelier expands from handbags to footwear

Aug 1, 2018 / Turkey
Turkish handbag label Manu Atelier has announced it will expand into the footwear sector, starting from its inaugural collection which will debut next Fall and will be presented during Paris Fashion Week in October

Increasing demand for Turkish production

Jul 12, 2018 / Turkey
The Turkish companies are seeing a huge increase in orders from global apparel giants and new footwear chains

Hüseyin Çetin, TASD President, live on World Footwear

Feb 16, 2016 / Turkey
Aiming to get an updated view of the state of the footwear industry in Turkey, we spoke to the President of the Footwear Industrialists Association of Turkey (TASD)

Turkey’s international footwear trade with two digits growth

Jul 21, 2014 / Turkey
In 2013 Turkish footwear exports increased 31.6% in volume and 19.1% in value, reaching now 166 million pairs valued at 607 million USD. Imports were up both in volume and value, growing 13.2% and 15.9%, respectively

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