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New SVP to lead Authentic’s strategy in Japan

Jul 8, 2024 / United States
The US-based management brand group ABG has appointed Jeff Daggett as Senior Vice President – Head of Japan to strengthen Authentic’s presence and drive growth in the Japanese market

FaW Tokyo closes on a positive note

Apr 30, 2024 / Japan
Held from the 17th to the 19th of April, the Japanese fashion trade show closed on a positive note, attracting 22,901 visitors from all around the world

Uniqlo owner posts robust first half

Apr 12, 2024 / Japan
The Japan-based Fast Retailing has reported a “record” first half revenue of 1.60 trillion yen (9.77 billion euros), up by 9.0% year-on-year, mainly due to a strong performance from Uniqlo overseas

Japan Retail: trade did not improve at the end of 2023, but a recovery is not out of the picture

Premium ContentApr 1, 2024 / Japan
As anticipated in the previous edition of the WF Retail Japan, trade (physical and online) did not improve at the end of 2023. What’s more, the country unexpectedly slipped into recession amid sluggish consumption and pressure on retail costs due to the weak yen. However, it’s expected that the easing of consumer inflation and the recovery of wages due to labour shortages could occur in the first half of 2024 and both consumer and retailer sentiment is on an upward trend. So perhaps a modest recovery could take place soon

Parent company of Uniqlo posts solid performance

Jan 19, 2024 / Japan
Fast Retailing posted a revenue growth of 13.2% in the three months to the start of November 2023, as compared to the same period of 2022, driven by the performance of Uniqlo abroad

Japan Retail: footwear trade is not expected to improve until the end of the year

Premium ContentNov 14, 2023 / Japan
Despite some positive news on the growth of department store sales and the return of foreign tourists, rising consumer prices set alarm bells ringing in September, suggesting that Japanese consumers in general are cutting back on spending and may be at their breaking point. In addition, the reduction in the volume of footwear imports and the impact of the country’s monetary policy on the cost of imported goods is another sign that footwear retail is unlikely to improve by the end of the year. The Government has been taking measures, but the outcome shouldn’t be seen until 2024

Changes at Uniqlo's leadership team

Sep 5, 2023 / Japan
Fast Retailing has announced the appointment of its Founder Tadashi Yanai as CEO of Uniqlo. Meanwhile, Board Director Daisuke Tsukagoshi will serve as the retailer's COO

Uniqlo's parent company posts revenue growth

Jul 20, 2023 / Japan
The Japanese-based company posted a 21.4% increase in revenue from September 2022 to May 2023, as compared to the same period of last year, highlighting the performance of Uniqlo abroad in the third quarter

Japan Retail: mixed signs cast a shadow over a clear outlook for the rest of the year

Premium ContentJul 18, 2023 / Japan
The growth rate of footwear consumer prices has largely outpaced that of the overall prices. This is not a good sign for the footwear sector, as discretionary items are always the first to be discarded by consumers, but it is not all bad news. The truth is consumer confidence has rebound at the start of the year, private consumption has shown some resilience and the return of tourists is a welcoming sign. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that the volume of imports has not been affected by the weakening of the yen. It remains to be seen how the outlook will unfold

Mizuno with record annual revenue

Jun 1, 2023 / Japan
The Japan-based sportswear company announced that its fiscal 2022 revenue grew by 22.8% over the prior year, reaching the “record” amount of 212.0 billion Japanese yen (1.50 billion USD)

Loewe opens first leather goods repair store

May 31, 2023 / Japan
The Spanish luxury label has opened in Osaka (Japan) its first store entirely dedicated to the repair and maintenance of leather articles. A leather artisan will be in the store ready to repair and renew damaged products brought in

Asics net sales grow by 45%

May 18, 2023 / Japan
The Japan-based sportswear company posted a net sales growth of 44.6% in the first quarter of 2023, as compared to the same period of last year, driven by the rebound of the Asia region

Japan retail: unlocking consumer confidence is key for retail

Premium ContentMar 24, 2023 / Japan
The volume of footwear imports closed 2022 about 10 percentage points below the 2015 baseline, suggesting that the impact of the imported inflation on prices has been clouding the real performance of retail sales in the category. Both the government and some companies have offered inflation allowances or anti-inflation subsidies, but given the saving Japanese mindset, it can be expected that any additional disposable income will not necessarily be used for discretionary shopping, such as clothing and footwear. To boost consumption, it is therefore needed to unlock consumer confidence, which improved only marginally In February, and appears now to be flattening

VF Corp opens design collective and regional office in Tokyo

Feb 1, 2023 / Japan
The owner of brands such as Timberland and Vans, among others, has announced the launch of the Tokyo Design Collective alongside an office in the city's Harajuku district to boost its creative reach

Asics plans to further grow in India

Jan 25, 2023 / India
The Japan-based sportswear company has reported that India saw the highest growth globally in 2022 due to the post-pandemic running and fitness boom
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