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The world's largest trade agreement

Nov 20, 2020 / World
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership was signed by China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia, plus ten Southeast Asian economies, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei

Vietnam’s rise in footwear trade

Premium ContentNov 12, 2020 / Vietnam
The World Footwear’s Panel of Experts is forecasting Vietnam’s share of footwear exports to reach 11.5% in 2025. Last year Vietnam exported roughly 1.4 billion pairs of shoes

Brazil expects 1.2 million US dollars from digital networking meetings

Oct 26, 2020 / Brazil
According to Abicalçados the digital business networking meetings held by 20 Brazilian footwear brands with buyers from Latin America between the 24th of August and the 25th of September will likely generate 1.2 million US dollars in businesses

Bangladesh’s leather industry with declining quarter

Oct 20, 2020 / Bangladesh
In the first 3 months of the current year, Bangladesh’s leather industry registered a total of 225.15 million US dollars’ worth of exporting revenue, which represented a decline of 11.49% over the performance in similar period in the previous fiscal year

Brazilian footwear exports lower as imports rise

Oct 8, 2020 / Brazil
According to Abicalçados, 8.1 million pairs were sent abroad in September, 19% less than in similar month last year. As for imports in the ninth month of the year, they have reached 2.9 million pairs, 10.5% more than in the same month of 2019

Pakistan's footwear starts financial year with declining exports

Sep 28, 2020 / Pakistan
Exports of footwear by Bangladeshi companies declined by 20.68% in volume and by 16.05% in value in the first two months of the current fiscal year. Value of exports of tanned leather also decreased in the period, while leather manufactures exports increased

Tunisia aiming to double leather and footwear exports

Sep 25, 2020 / Tunisia
Last year, the country attained roughly 550 million euros from exports of leather and shoes. The aim is double the amount by 2030 by adding value and attracting foreign investors

Vietnam almost doubled its market share over the last decade

Premium ContentSep 22, 2020 / World Footwear Yearbook
While China's market share has been steadily declining over the last decade, Vietnam, the second largest exporter, is moving in the opposite direction. Read these and many other relevant facts on the World Footwear 2020 Yearbook

Bangladesh’s leather exports down by double digits

Sep 16, 2020 / Bangladesh
Total exports of the leather industry in Bangladesh in the first two months of the current fiscal year were on red, declining by 16.54% compared to the previous year. Exports of other footwear increased by 28.32%

Textile footwear represents one third of all traded footwear

Premium ContentSep 15, 2020 / World Footwear Yearbook
The steep increase in the importance of textile footwear has been a remarkable feature of the evolution of international footwear trade over the last decade. Read all about it in the World Footwear 2020 Yearbook launched by APICCAPS

Luís Onofre: We will need to do more

Sep 15, 2020 / Portugal
Onofre has been re-elected as APICCAPS’ President in what he considers to be one of the “most difficult periods for the Portuguese footwear industry”. This was the starting point of an interview for APICCAPS’ Newspaper, which we bring you here today

Brazilian footwear exports decreased by 32.7%

Sep 11, 2020 / Brazil
Reflecting the instability in the international markets, especially in the United States, Brazilian footwear exports registered decreases of 32.7% in revenue and 25.2% in volume between January and August in relation to the same period last year

China with declining market share

Premium ContentSep 1, 2020 / World Footwear Yearbook
In 2019, the Asian country was the source for almost two out of every three pairs of shoes exported. However, China's market share has been declining. This is one of the main conclusions of the World Footwear 2020 Yearbook launched by APICCAPS

Ground your business decisions in the industry trends

Premium ContentSep 1, 2020 / World Footwear Yearbook
The World Footwear 2020 Yearbook recently launched by APICCAPS (Portuguese Footwear Association) presents you the best analysis of the footwear industry main trends in 2019

Footwear production increased by 21.2% in a decade

Aug 14, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
Worldwide footwear production has increased by 21.2% since 2010 at an average yearly growth rate of 2.2%. This is one of the main conclusions of the World Footwear 2020 Yearbook recently launched by APICCAPS
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