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Spain Retail: After the hit of COVID-19, retail is still trying to recover

Premium ContentDec 21, 2020 / Spain
Similarly to what happened in other countries, the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Retail Sales have lived dramatic moments with the first wave of COVID-19 hitting Spain, one of the European countries with most critical sanitary emergency. TCF sales almost disappeared in April and although the scenario improved from there, one cannot say that recovery materialised completely in the South Europe country

Germany Retail: The shoes must go on! But COVID-19 is still not off the stage

Premium ContentDec 14, 2020 / Germany
One of the key footwear players took a massive hit with the dissemination of the pandemic inside its borders. During the first COVID-19 wave, footwear retail almost collapsed in Germany, but the recovery was faster than what was initially expected, and September was marked by optimism. However, a partial lockdown in the Autumn and not very good perspectives for Christmas are anticipating bad news for Germanic retailers, once again, and even before a full recovery has been achieved

France Retail: So far, back in business, but for how long?

Premium ContentDec 7, 2020 / France
After a lost spring, a season heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the French retail market reacted well, and summer sales brought a good mood to the business. However, a second wave hitting the country after the summer led to a November with closed stores (non-essential stores were not open for over a month). The enthusiasm of the reopening on the 28th of November led crowds to queue for visiting some stores. However, it is not clear if this will be enough to ensure an end of the year out of the red.

Bonmarché collapses into administration

Dec 3, 2020 / United Kingdom
The retailer based in West Yorkshire has collapsed into administration for the second time in a year. 1 500 jobs are at risk

How COVID-19 affected the 10 largest footwear exporters

Premium ContentNov 30, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
After analysing the impact in the main footwear importers, today we focus on the influence the pandemic and subsequent restrictions of movements and lockdowns had on the main footwear exporters in the first half of the current year

The impact of the pandemic in footwear imports

Premium ContentNov 27, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
International footwear trade was heavily impacted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent dissemination across the globe. Check the impact on the main footwear importers

UK Retail: recovery starts to dissipate

Premium ContentNov 26, 2020 / United Kingdom
The summer brought a breath of fresh air into the UK footwear market after the COVID-19 hit. After the collapse caused by the first wave of the pandemic, Textile, Clothing & Footwear (TCF) Retail Sales have been recovering from April through September. However, the second wave striking in October led TCF retail sales to the downside, closing now 18 pp in the red.

Which footwear categories resisted better to the hit of COVID-19?

Premium ContentNov 26, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
In the first semester of 2020, global footwear exports have fallen almost a third (-31.1%) compared with similar period in the previous year. Do you know which categories resisted better to the impact of the pandemic?

Impact of the pandemic on footwear consumption

Premium ContentNov 13, 2020 / Business Conditions Survey
The consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic were inevitably the special topic of this edition of the World Footwear Business Condition Survey. Today we bring you more details about our Expert's views

Vietnam’s rise in footwear trade

Premium ContentNov 12, 2020 / Vietnam
The World Footwear’s Panel of Experts is forecasting Vietnam’s share of footwear exports to reach 11.5% in 2025. Last year Vietnam exported roughly 1.4 billion pairs of shoes

Footwear prices: manufacturers more pessimistic than traders

Premium ContentNov 11, 2020 / Business Conditions Survey
This is one of the main findings of the third edition of the Business Conditions Survey held last month. Complete report now available to download free of charge

Imports of footwear with a dark picture in the first semester

Premium ContentNov 9, 2020 / Business Conditions Survey
The most recent statistics for footwear trade in 2020 show a very dark, albeit expected, picture. In the first semester of the year, footwear imports fell in almost every country

Building a digital presence: what steps to consider?

Premium ContentNov 6, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
Today we bring you the ultimate check list you need to bear in mind when defining the strategy to build your business or brand a meaningful and relevant digital presence. Check it out

Are you using any of these B2B Marketplaces for Fashion?

Premium ContentOct 27, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
With the world moving into the digital sphere at a fast rhythm more and more businesses are being made online. This is well known for Business to Consumer, but is also the case for Business to Business connections, as different parts of the supply chain get connected via B2B marketplaces

Join the third edition of the World Footwear Business Conditions Survey

Oct 20, 2020 / Business Conditions Survey
The is asking all experts within the footwear industry to share their views about the current business situation and assess the main impacts of Covid-19. Join today! We want to hear your views
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