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Flex’s new factory to add thousands of jobs

Dec 1, 2017 / Mexico
The multinational manufacturer expects to create 6 000 jobs at its new plant in Jalisco. The new factory will be dedicated to make high-tech footwear for Nike

Footwear exports down in Mexico

Oct 10, 2017 / Mexico
According to COFOCE, the Guanajuato-based Agency for External Trade Promotion, value of footwear exports fell by 11.23% during the first seven months of the current year

Latin American footwear industry gathered in Chile

Aug 1, 2017 / Chile
Delegates from different local and national sectorial organizations gathered in Santiago to discuss the pressing issues impacting the footwear industry in the region

Footwear industry in Mexico faces shortage of workers

May 22, 2017 / Mexico
The industry in Jalisco faces a deficit of roughly 2 000 trained workers. At least, that is the belief of the CICEJ's new President, José Isabel Arias Frías

GDP of the footwear sector falls by 7.1% in Mexico

Dec 19, 2016 / Mexico
According to local sources, during the current year the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the footwear industry registered a drop of 7.1%

Vietnam is the new challenge for the Mexican footwear industry

Oct 6, 2016 / Mexico
That is the belief of the Chamber of the Footwear Industry of the State of Guanajuato (CICEG), which presented a new study on the TPP impacts on the footwear industry in Mexico

November, month of fashion in Guanajuato

Sep 22, 2016 / Mexico
The Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development announced the launch of the campaign Noviembre Mes de la Moda (November, Month of Fashion), in order to project the sectors that are part of the fashion cluster in the state

Flexi aiming to conquer South America

Dec 4, 2015 / Mexico
The incorporation of new technologies and the strengthening of the retail network are the aims of Flexi, a Léon-based (Mexico) company

The impacts of the TPP

Nov 13, 2015 / Mexico
We have spoken with Mr. Javier Plascencia, President of CICEG -  Chamber of the Footwear Industry of the State of Guanajuato, to know his views  and expectations about the Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP will allow Mexico to increase exports

Oct 28, 2015 / Mexico
The words are from Mr. Javier Plascencia, President of CICEG, during a reflection about the recently announced Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and 11 Pacific countries

Mexico with increase in footwear exports

Mar 12, 2015 / Mexico
The estimates were presented by CICEG, the Footwear Industry Chamber at Guanajuato

The challenges of the footwear industry under discussion in León

Dec 30, 2014 / Mexico
On the 24th and 25th of November the footwear industry gathered in the Mexican city of León to discuss the thematic Keeping one step Ahead: Meeting the challenges of the Footwear sector

Miguel Plascencia, President of the Organising Committee of the World Footwear Congress, live on World Footwear

Dec 16, 2014 / Mexico
Following the 5th edition of the World Footwear Congress held in León last November, we have spoken to Miguel Plascencia

Skechers opens 1 000th retail store

Nov 26, 2014 / Mexico
The US based brand reaches another milestone in a year already marked by the award of Company of the Year from Footwear News and the highest quarterly revenue in its history, achieve during the third quarter of the current year

Some reasons to attend the upcoming Word Footwear Congress

Nov 18, 2014 / Mexico
In preparation for the event we spoke to key figures of the footwear industry. Here are the reasons they elected to participate in this edition focusing on the thematic of Keeping one step Ahead: Meeting the Challenges of the Footwear Sector
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