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Steve Madden shifts production from China to Mexico and Brazil

Aug 5, 2021 United States
Steve Madden shifts production from China to Mexico and Brazil
Driven by recent supply chain disruptions, American footwear brand Steve Madden has relocated about half of its women’s production to Mexico and Brazil from China. According to Business of Fashion (BoF) this will impact the Fall Season collection
Chairman and Chief Executive, Edward Rosenfeld highlighted that there are still challenges while shifting such a “significant portion of its production to both Latin American countries”. Brazil is still facing serious COVID-19 outbreaks. Adding to the list of difficulties are logistic issues, as many components for production are still sourced from China and will need to reach the South America countries.

According to Rosenfeld, Steve Madden was sourcing a little over 60%from China prior to this shift. Before the US-China trade war resulted in increased tariffs on footwear products the US-based company was sourcing roughly 90% of its goods in the Asian giant.

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