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European Union adopts new rules against greenwashing

Feb 6, 2024 / European Union
By 593 votes to 21, the European Parliament approved a new directive to eliminate unverified environmental claims and empower consumers to make sustainable purchasing choices

Deborah Taylor from SLF: traceability is the number one challenge facing the leather industry

Premium ContentDec 18, 2023 / World
We spoke to Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF), to find out more about the tools the organisation provides to help the leather industry move towards more sustainable practices and the biggest challenges it currently faces

Under Armour to scale up its fibre-shed test method

Dec 15, 2023 / United States
The company has teamed up with James Heal, a precision testing solutions supplier, to make its fibre-shed test method available to the industry and to address the growing threat of microfibres and microplastics

Global leather industry issues manifesto ahead of COP28

Nov 9, 2023 / World
Leather associations from around the world have signed a manifesto to call on COP28 delegates to recognise the positive role of natural materials such as leather in people’s lives and livelihoods

ReHubs Europe: an initiative to boost textile waste recycling

Nov 7, 2023 / Europe
After three years of preparation, the European body for the textile and clothing industry, Euratex, has officially launched the ReHubs Europe project to increase the recycling of textile waste

Inditex teams up with Maersk to reduce its maritime transport emissions

Oct 24, 2023 / Spain
The fashion group has partnered with the freight group Maersk to reduce its GHG emissions from maritime logistics by incorporating alternative fuels into all its inbound routes with the carrier

UGG launches regenerative collection for fall

Oct 12, 2023 / United States
The division of Deckers Brands has launched “Regenerate by UGG”, an all-gender sustainability-focused collection made with materials from land cultivated with regenerative practices

New business models for brands and retailers: what strategies are available for footwear?

Premium ContentSep 26, 2023 / World Footwear Reports
Just released! A new paper dedicated to some of the new tools grabbing the attention of businesses and how they can be applied to the footwear industry

Zara expands its pre-owned platform to France

Sep 25, 2023 / France
After a successful rollout in the UK in October 2022, the fashion chain owned by the Spanish-based Inditex group has expanded its second-hand platform in France

France to launch reward scheme to encourage repairs in the fashion industry

Aug 17, 2023 / France
From October, French citizens will be able to claim back between 6 and 25 euros of the cost of repairing clothes and shoes under a new scheme launched by the Government to reduce waste in the fashion industryás: a new pathway to a sustainable future

Aug 7, 2023 / Portugal
Committed to building a conscious and sustainable future, the Portuguese footwear brandás has just arrived on the market under the motto ‘Another Way. Another Time. Another Place’

Puma commits to sourcing leather from deforestation-free supply chains by 2030

Jul 17, 2023 / Germany
The Germany-based company has signed the Deforestation-Free Call to Action for Leather, thereby committing to source bovine leather from deforestation-free supply chains by 2030 or earlier

Report calls for actions across the whole supply chain to help reduce negative environmental impacts

Jul 3, 2023 / World
According to a report by the non-profit financial think tank Planet Tracker, retailers and fashion brands have limited direct control of most negative environmental impacts in the textile industry

Capri Holdings partners up with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Jun 13, 2023 / United States
The luxury fashion group has entered a three-year partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices in the US

Materials and Sustainability: How can footwear be more sustainable?

Premium ContentApr 17, 2023 / World Footwear Reports
Just released! A new paper dedicated to recycled and recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, and biobased and organic materials. This is the latest from a series dedicated to innovation in the footwear and leather goods industry
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