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Brazilian footwear industry regrets presidential veto to maintain payroll tax exemption

Nov 27, 2023 / Brazil
National footwear manufacturers were surprised by President Lula da Silva's veto to maintain the payroll tax exemption policy and expect a loss of 20 000 jobs in 2024 in the industry

National footwear support programme approved in Argentina

Oct 30, 2023 / Argentina
A bill proposing the creation of a promotion scheme for the footwear industry was approved by the Lower House, with 127 votes in favour, passing on to the Senate

AAFA supports California bill on greenhouse gas emissions

Aug 31, 2023 / United States
The bill proposes that companies with more than 1 billion US dollars in gross revenue doing business in the state of California must annually and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions

Argentine suppliers support Footwear Promotion Law but demand further clarifications

Aug 18, 2023 / Argentina
The Argentine Chamber of Suppliers of the Footwear Industry (CAIPIC) demands further clarifications on the Footwear Promotion Law to avoid situations that could impact the sector

France to launch reward scheme to encourage repairs in the fashion industry

Aug 17, 2023 / France
From October, French citizens will be able to claim back between 6 and 25 euros of the cost of repairing clothes and shoes under a new scheme launched by the Government to reduce waste in the fashion industry

New tax exemption puts 30 000 jobs at risk in the Brazilian footwear industry

Aug 10, 2023 / Brazil
The warning comes from Abicalçados, which voiced concern over the exemption of tax payments for large international platforms for the entry of products in the range of up to 50 US dollars

Global alliance calls for the digital modernisation of labelling requirements

Jul 12, 2023 / World
A coalition of 130 organizations representing the fashion industry from around the world is pushing for the modernisation of labelling requirements to enable a reduction in waste and greater consumer access to information

Skechers sues Steve Madden over alleged trademark infringement

Jul 11, 2023 / United States
The US-based sneakers company has filed a lawsuit against Steve Madden for allegedly copying its trademark “S” logo on its Kennie line of sneakers

CEC and 18 other business associations call for the ratification of the EU-Mercosur agreement

Jul 7, 2023 / CEC
The 19 business associations have called on the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament to swiftly ratify the EU-Mercosur agreement

Report calls for actions across the whole supply chain to help reduce negative environmental impacts

Jul 3, 2023 / World
According to a report by the non-profit financial think tank Planet Tracker, retailers and fashion brands have limited direct control of most negative environmental impacts in the textile industry

Zalando files lawsuit against the European Commission

Jun 30, 2023 / Germany
The German-based company challenges its designation as a “Very Large Online Platform”, under Article 33 of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which obliges it to manage systemic risks

Indian Government introduces new quality standards for footwear

Jun 29, 2023 / India
After some postponements, the Indian Government has resolved to proceed with the introduction of new mandatory quality standards for footwear and related products as of the 1st of July

Clergerie future owner is to be chosen this month

Jun 2, 2023 / France
After being placed into receivership on the 29th of March, the future owner of the French-based luxury shoe brand will be decided on the 14th of June by a Paris-based commercial court

Clémentine Colin-Richard (French Shoe Federation): it is urgent to have harmonisation in sustainability regulations

Premium ContentApr 11, 2023 / France
Today we bring you an interview with Clementine Colin-Richard, President of the French Shoe Federation and administrator of the family SME Richard-Pontvert SA (Paraboot brand). Watch the video and learn about the state of the French footwear industry and the main challenges it is facing

French Clergerie files for receivership

Apr 5, 2023 / France
As the relaunch under the new parent company French Legacy Group in 2020 failed to get off the ground due to the long-term effects of the pandemic and war in Ukraine, the luxury shoe brand filed for court protection
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