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Inditex joins Pack4Good initiative

Jun 27, 2024 Spain
Inditex joins Pack4Good initiative
The parent company of brands such as Zara, Berksha and Massimo Dutti has joined Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative to help protect endangered forests by reforming its paper packaging
As a Pack4Good partner, Inditex will continue to build on existing initiatives to reduce the amount of packaging it uses. These include the use of reusable boxes for internal use, increasing the proportion of recycled paper and incorporating innovative next-generation fibres in its paper packaging, such as those that use materials that are commonly wasted or burned, such as cereal straws, hemp stalks, jute, or tomato stalks.

“Inditex has worked hard to keep endangered forests out of our textile supply chain. Now we will extend that work to our packaging, where we have already taken steps towards reduction, reuse and increase of recycled content”, commented Javier Losada, chief sustainability officer at Inditex. “We look forward to continuing this work with Canopy to bring it to a new level, including the development of Next Gen alternatives that both reduce waste and help keep forests standing”, he concluded.

Nicole Rycroft, executive director of Canopy, welcomed the fashion group into the initiative. “It’s exciting to have Inditex bring the same leadership to reducing their paper packaging footprint as they have for the last decade to eliminate vital forests from their textiles. A company of their significance sends a signal to paper packaging suppliers that it’s time to give forests a break and to invest in and scale lower impact alternatives”, she said.

The fashion industry is a major consumer of paper packaging for shipping boxes, e-commerce envelopes, paper bags, hang tags, and paperboard boxes. The Pack4Good initiative, promoted by the not-for-profit organisation Canopy, focuses on promoting sustainable alternatives to deforestation, including the use of recycled pulp and paper, the development of next-generation solutions and FSC certification.

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