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Calçado Penha makes its debut at ModaLisboa

Apr 16, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese footwear company, which specialises in the production of high-quality men’s footwear, made its debut on a Fashion Week catwalk with the BÉHEN brand

New Generation: Ana Amorim from Crème Caviar

Apr 8, 2024 / Portugal
Ana Amorim is responsible for the personalised bridal shoe brand Crème Caviar and is one of the teachers at the Portuguese Footwear Industry Vocational Training Centre (CFPIC). Let’s find out more

Survey about the impact of the country of origin of footwear

Apr 4, 2024 / Portugal
The World Footwear asks all companies with experience purchasing products from the Portuguese footwear industry to complete a short survey on the impact of the country of origin of footwear

Aloft invests in micronized rubber

Apr 2, 2024 / Portugal
Aloft, a Portuguese company specialising in the design, development, and production of technical footwear, is investing in innovative solutions such as micronized rubber to attract new customers

Portuguese footwear manufacturer Portman reinvents itself

Mar 25, 2024 / Portugal
Founded in 1979 with a focus on the manufacture of moccasin footwear, the Portuguese company has invested in recent years to sustainably modernise its production and offer new products

Portuguese footwear components focus on sustainability

Mar 19, 2024 / Portugal
Under the Bioshoes4All project, the Portuguese footwear components industry is investing heavily in the development of a new generation of sustainable products. Meet some of them

Apple of Eden committed to sustainability

Mar 12, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese women’s footwear brand has just published its first Sustainability Report, thus reaffirming its “unwavering commitment to a greener and more ethical future”

Dikamar plants trees in the Mata Nacional do Urso

Mar 5, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese safety boot manufacturer carried out a reforestation project in the Mata Nacional do Urso, a part of the Leiria forest which was severely affected by the 2017 fires

Portuguese footwear components grow by 13.6%

Feb 27, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese footwear components sector continues to expand into foreign markets. In 2023, it exported components worth 73 million euros, an increase of 13.6% as compared to the prior year

New Generation: meet Guilherme Teles Baptista

Feb 19, 2024 / Portugal
Get The Balance is a Portuguese brand of sustainable sneakers with avant-garde design that has just been launched. Find out more about this journey from the man responsible, Guilherme Teles Batista

Portuguese footwear industry to invest 600 million euros

Feb 13, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese footwear industry will invest 600 million euros by the end of the decade in innovation, sustainability, management and worker skills, and internationalisation as part of its strategic plan

Portuguese footwear goes to school to talk about sustainability

Feb 5, 2024 / Portugal
APICCAPS will carry out awareness-raising activities in 86 Portuguese schools to promote the potential of the footwear industry, value the territory and boost the local industry

New Generation: meet Joana Esteves from Josefinas

Jan 30, 2024 / Portugal
Meet Joana Esteves, the co-founder and head of Josefinas, a Portuguese footwear brand created 10 years ago that aims to empower women and value the know-how of master shoemakers

Portuguese shoes find their way to 173 countries

Jan 22, 2024 / Portugal
The Portuguese footwear industry currently exports more than 90% of its production. As a result, 76 million pairs of shoes are sold in more than 170 countries on five continents

Portuguese footwear companies’ successful partnerships

Jan 16, 2024 / Portugal
There’s strength in numbers, a motto taken seriously by some Portuguese footwear companies that see partnerships as a lever for moving forward. Take a look at the partnerships of JAK, ESC and Lachoix
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