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New Italy-Vietnam footwear technology centre

Jul 18, 2017 / Vietnam
The facility, inaugurated at the Lefaso Centre in Binh Duong, was set up as part of a new collaboration between the two countries and aims to promote research and development of leather-shoe products

Nigeria’s promotion of leather production

Jul 14, 2017 / Nigeria
The federal government is very active in supporting the leather production in the country. As part of this process the Nigerian Institute of Leather Science and Technology (NILEST) was recently inaugurated

Exports in Bangladesh cross historic milestone

Jul 11, 2017 / Bangladesh
According to the local association, in the current fiscal year 2016-17 (July-June), exports earnings from the leather goods and footwear sector reached 1 billion US dollars

Brazilian footwear exports on the high

Jul 4, 2017 / Brazil
According to the Brazilian Shoe Manufacturers Association, the country’s footwear exports recovered pace. From January to May, 49 million pairs were sold abroad, generating 441 million US dollars

Different color shoes, the new trend

Jun 30, 2017 / World
Having unmatching shoes is one of the trends in 2017, that will affect footwear and generate positive opportunities for producers

Why shoe design is still critical

Jun 29, 2017 / World
Though there are many ways footwear producers can add value to footwear, design still plays a key role in consumer decisions

How to get footwear consumers attention

Jun 29, 2017 / World
Having a great product with valuable features, being creative and promoting marketing initiatives is necessary to attract consumers attention

Social media and e-commerce are mandatory for SMEs

Jun 28, 2017 / World
Consumers are increasingly buying their footwear online. Furthermore, they are also using the internet, particularly social media, influencers and blogs, to get information about trends and develop their own style

The first gaming shoes

Jun 27, 2017 / World
Lenovo, one of the big players in the technology industry, wants to enter the footwear game. The organization presented its first gaming shoes, working as game controllers

Footwear exports in Pakistan continue to decline

Jun 27, 2017 / Pakistan
May was marked by declines in the country’s footwear exports, both in volume and value. Poor performance across all categories of products

Footwear stores should focus on the customer's experience

Jun 26, 2017 / World
In the competitive industry of footwear, every single initiative counts to make consumers fall in love with a brand. Enhancing customer experience through an improved online/offline store might help

Portuguese industry wants to attract new talents

Jun 23, 2017 / Portugal
This is the goal of a campaign currently in course, developed by APICCAPS. The Portuguese Association says there is a clear aim of attracting young people for the companies making up the Footwear Industry

How Puma is transforming soccer

Jun 23, 2017 / World
To keep up in the soccer industry, it’s necessary to constantly innovate. Puma’s new boots, Evopower Vigor 3D, promise to revolutionize the way soccer players shoot

Footwear innovation: Light-up shoes

Jun 22, 2017 / World
Light-Up Shoes is an innovation that will surely make use of the power of smartphones to make personalization in footwear available to consumers

Shoes that help refugees

Jun 21, 2017 / World
Footwear companies can (and should) have the responsibility of giving back to society and still perform economically well. Women4change is a footwear company that is helping Syrian refugees
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