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High-End Shoe presents final conference

Sep 18, 2017 / CEC
The Erasmus+ project High-End Shoe will hold its final conference on the 19th of September 2017 from 3pm to 5pm at theMICAM shoe fair in Milan

Consumption in Asia with a new all-time high

Sep 12, 2017 / World Footwear Yearbook
Asia continues to increase its lead as the largest footwear-consuming continent, as its share of consumption (54%) approaches its share of the world population (60%)

Shoesstar to be held in Azerbaijan for the first time

Sep 11, 2017 / America
The international specialized Shoesstar-Middle East footwear exhibition will be held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, for the first time

ACLE closes confirming a drop in prices

Sep 8, 2017 / China
The latest edition of the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) was held in Shanghai from the 30th August to the 1st September. According to the organization a 25% - 30% decline in leather prices was registered since APLF took place by the end of March

US represent less than 20% of the world imports

Sep 5, 2017 / World Footwear Yearbook
In 2016, for the first time, the US represented less than 20% of the world footwear imports. This is one of the conclusions of the 2017 edition of the World Footwear Yearbook, just launched by APICCAPS

UNIDO and Huajian Group promote sustainable development in Africa

Sep 5, 2017 / Africa
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Huajian Group agreed to work together to promote vocational and technical education and training in Africa

Is the footwear industry in a new phase?

Aug 22, 2017 / World Footwear Yearbook
After sustained growth over the last decade, worldwide footwear exports have fallen (in volume and in value) over the last two years. Asia is still the powerhouse of the industry but has lost pace and Europe gained ground. Are we at the verge of a new phase?

First edition of Gallery Shoes

Aug 21, 2017 / Germany
Fully booked and extended by two additional temporary lightweight halls installed especially for the event, the first edition of Gallery Shoes will be opening its doors at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf from the 27th to the 29th of August

Vietnam and Tanzania looking to strengthen bilateral trade

Aug 18, 2017 / Vietnam
Government representatives from Vietnam and Tanzania urged for stronger trade and investment ties between the two countries. In their view, footwear can highly contribute to this

Worldwide footwear exports in decline

Aug 15, 2017 / World Footwear Yearbook
Over the last two years exports have fallen by 6% in volume and by 8% in value, according to the 2017 edition of the World Footwear Yearbook, just launched by APICCAPS

First training pilot on high-end footwear manufacturing

Aug 9, 2017 / CEC
A group of designers and footwear technicians from 5 European countries recently participated in a two-week training in luxury footwear-making techniques thanks to the European Erasmus+ funded project High End Shoe (HES)

China loses share while worldwide production stalls

Aug 8, 2017 / World Footwear Yearbook
China continues to loose share in worldwide production, according to the 2017 edition of the World Footwear Yearbook, just launched by APICCAPS

Consumer spending continues to fall in the UK

Aug 7, 2017 / United Kingdom
In July consumer spending fell by -0.8% on an annual basis, following declines in May and June. Transport & Communication (-6.1%) and Clothing & Footwear (-5.2%) saw the most marked reductions in spend

India has potential to increase production

Aug 4, 2017 / India
The Minister of State for Finance Santosh Gangwar went even further saying that India has the potential to become the biggest footwear producer by 2020

Latin American footwear industry gathered in Chile

Aug 1, 2017 / Chile
Delegates from different local and national sectorial organizations gathered in Santiago to discuss the pressing issues impacting the footwear industry in the region
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