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Czech retail trade accelerated growth

Dec 11, 2018 / Czech Republic
In October 2018, Czech sales adjusted for calendar effects increased at constant prices by 5.2%, year‑on‑year; non-adjusted sales grew by 6.4%. Seasonally adjusted sales in retail trade increased by 1.0%, month-on-month

European footwear focused on increasing sustainability

Dec 10, 2018 / CEC
The kick-off meeting of the project LIFE GreenShoes4All, gathering several key European stakeholders, took place in Porto last week

European industry's demands on Market Surveillance

Oct 25, 2018 / CEC
Industrial social partners in the footwear, tanning and leather sectors demand a broader scope of the upcoming Regulation on Market Surveillance

Most consumers ignore emails from retailers

Oct 25, 2018 / United States
Email remains one of the most dominant forces in digital marketing for retailers, with 47% of consumers rating email as their most preferred media channel for brand communications, according to a new study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. However, many messages are ignored

New increase in Cambodia's minimum wage

Oct 16, 2018 / Cambodia
The Cambodian government set a new monthly minimum wage for the country's garment and footwear industries. The minimum salary for 2019 will be 182 US dollars, up by 7% from the current 170 US dollars, Labor Minister Ith Samheng announced

Turkish shoe brands facing debt issues

Oct 12, 2018 / Turkey
Local agency news are reporting several issues faced by Turkish footwear companies, going from debt restructuring issues to closure of stores

European industry focusing on comfort

Oct 8, 2018 / CEC
The results of Erasmus+ project Fit2Com - Skills Alliance for comfort and healthy footwear were presented in a workshop during the last edition of Lineapelle

US industry bodies planning to merge

Oct 5, 2018 / United States
At their joint annual meeting, the US Hide, Skin and Leather Association (USHSLA) and Leather Industries of America (LIA) have agreed to seek a merger

Suppliers of the footwear sector in Mexico focus on the Industry 4.0

Sep 27, 2018 / Mexico
Members of APIMEX, the National Association of Suppliers for the Footwear Industry are gathering in Puerto Vallarta until the 30th of September to discuss the development of the footwear, textile and clothing sector in Mexico

World Footwear Congress on its way to Naples

Sep 18, 2018 / CEC
In a press conference held yesterday, during Micam, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC) announced the details of the next edition of the World Footwear Congress

Miscellaneous Tariff Bill signed into law

Sep 14, 2018 / United States
Last night President Trump signed the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) into law. The MTB will provide temporary tariff cuts for certain items not made or available in the US including 65 different types of footwear. The House and Senate passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support

Ghana’s footwear manufacturing is suffering

Jul 31, 2018 / Ghana
At least this is the claim made by local representatives of the footwear manufacturing industry, who go further saying there is a risk of collapse under the pressure of inferior imported products. Government intervention is being asked for

Footwear firms advised to increase data security

Jul 30, 2018 / United States
Although major firms have reported data hacks and recognize the threat, not enough of them prioritize the issue, a new study by Gartner Inc. suggests

Pakistan: leather industry is the second largest export sector

Jul 20, 2018 / Pakistan
Information comes from official authorities. Pakistan's leather industry is the second largest export sector after textile

LeBron James to boost sales in LA

Jul 19, 2018 / United States
LeBron James’ contract with the Los Angeles Lakers is expected to change the retail game in LA. Apparel sales are expected to increase, while the effect on footwear is uncertain, analysts comment
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