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To Work For wants to be market leader

Sep 2, 2014 / Portugal
To Work For is a brand from the AMF Group specialised in work boots and security footwear

United Nude launches 3D printed shoes

Aug 11, 2014 / Netherlands
The famous footwear brand has designed the Float shoe, which can be 3D printed at home on a compact desktop machine

NASA drives the ForceShoe investigation

Jul 17, 2014 / United States
The agency in charge of the American space program leads an investigation to address ongoing concerns about the maintenance of the astronaut’s bone and muscle health in microgravity

Steve Madden now focused on boosting sales online

Jul 16, 2014 / United States
The New York based footwear company has announced a new partnership with Certona, a company specialised in real time omnichannel personalization

Nanotechnologies applied to footwear in European project

Jul 10, 2014 / Europe
The joint European consortium is looking into materials, components and footwear with enhanced comfort properties based on nanotechnologies

Project Be Nature focus on developing sustainable products and materials

Jul 4, 2014 / Portugal
The project aiming to develop biodegradable leather with minor impact to the environment was a success, with the objectives completely met, and with the resulting materials and products already commercialized in the international markets

Portuguese brands innovate while getting inspired by tradition

Jun 23, 2014 / Portugal
Cultural roots are the inspirational starting point for footwear brands in Portugal. Lazuli, Pelcor, rutz and Green Boots are examples of this recent trend

UK designer presents shoe collection with hydraulic heels

Jun 19, 2014 / United Kingdom
Silvia Fado created the Kinetic Traces line, whose shoes result from a combination of design, technology, engineering and hydraulics

Japanese designer creates the fondue slippers

Jun 11, 2014 / Japan
The PVC shoes can mold to the feet like a second skin, using a process similar to dipping food in melted cheese
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