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Asics wants to make soles in a microwave

Nov 6, 2017 Japan

Asics Custom - Soles in Seconds

The Japanese brand is testing a new way to produce the midsoles of sneakers with microwave technology. Asics believe this can lead to usage of 90% less energy than standard production techniques

Asics, teaming up with Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd., has developed a new and faster technique for creating colorful soles for its footwear using microwave technology. With this new technique custom midsoles can be created in just 15 seconds.

Components for the midsole come in the form of coloured pellets, which can be placed in a mould in a microwave and fused together to create the midsole of the chosen colourings.

According to Asics: “The creation process, which uses microwave technology, is both speedy and sustainable - taking as little as around 15 seconds to create in-factory with huge potential to pave the way for decreasing environmental impact”.

Currently, the process is still in testing phase, however, Asics estimates that the use of microwave production technology can reduce energy consumption by almost 90% compared to the brand’s standard techniques.

As well as environmental benefits, Asics believes the technology also has huge potential to revolutionise the future in-store experience for consumers. The evolution of this technology could eventually give trainer enthusiasts and fashion-forward shoppers the option to customize the colour of the midsole and upper on the spot in-store. Asics plans to introduce this technology to select footwear ranges in the future.

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