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US regulator moves to block Tapestry’s acquisition of Capri

Apr 25, 2024 / United States
The Federal Trade Commission (FCT) has filed a lawsuit to block the merger of luxury fashion conglomerates Tapestry and Capri Holdings, arguing that it would lead to higher prices for US consumers

US apparel and footwear industries call for 16-year AGOA extension

Apr 18, 2024 / United States
The AGOA trade programme, which grants duty-free access to the US market by eligible countries in sub-Saharan Africa, is currently set to expire in September 2025

France on course to penalise fast fashion

Apr 1, 2024 / France
In mid-March, France’s lower parliament approved a bill imposing penalties on ultra-fast fashion products to help offset their environmental impact. The law has now been sent to the Senate

Bangladesh Central Bank lowers export incentives

Feb 9, 2024 / Bangladesh
Bangladesh has announced cuts to export incentives in almost all sectors as the country prepares to exit Least Developed Country status in 2026. The leather industry is one of the hardest hit

European Union adopts new rules against greenwashing

Feb 6, 2024 / European Union
By 593 votes to 21, the European Parliament approved a new directive to eliminate unverified environmental claims and empower consumers to make sustainable purchasing choices

Overturned veto on payroll tax exemption cheers the Brazilian footwear sector

Dec 21, 2023 / Brazil
The overturning of President Lula’s veto of the bill to extend the payroll tax exemption until 2027 in the National Congress on the 14th of December has lifted the spirits of the footwear sector

Ecodesign Regulation deal welcomed by CEC

Dec 13, 2023 / CEC
The European Footwear Confederation (CEC) has welcomed the agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council on the European Commission’s proposed legislation on ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation

Austria and Germany continue to see a wave of insolvencies and closures

Dec 12, 2023 / Germany
Richter Schuhe, Europe’s oldest children’s shoemaker, and fashion retail chain Aachener have filed for bankruptcy. Deichmann to close its My Shoes stores in Austria and Germany by the end of 2024

Brazilian footwear industry regrets presidential veto to maintain payroll tax exemption

Nov 27, 2023 / Brazil
National footwear manufacturers were surprised by President Lula da Silva's veto to maintain the payroll tax exemption policy and expect a loss of 20 000 jobs in 2024 in the industry

National footwear support programme approved in Argentina

Oct 30, 2023 / Argentina
A bill proposing the creation of a promotion scheme for the footwear industry was approved by the Lower House, with 127 votes in favour, passing on to the Senate

AAFA supports California bill on greenhouse gas emissions

Aug 31, 2023 / United States
The bill proposes that companies with more than 1 billion US dollars in gross revenue doing business in the state of California must annually and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions

Argentine suppliers support Footwear Promotion Law but demand further clarifications

Aug 18, 2023 / Argentina
The Argentine Chamber of Suppliers of the Footwear Industry (CAIPIC) demands further clarifications on the Footwear Promotion Law to avoid situations that could impact the sector

France to launch reward scheme to encourage repairs in the fashion industry

Aug 17, 2023 / France
From October, French citizens will be able to claim back between 6 and 25 euros of the cost of repairing clothes and shoes under a new scheme launched by the Government to reduce waste in the fashion industry

New tax exemption puts 30 000 jobs at risk in the Brazilian footwear industry

Aug 10, 2023 / Brazil
The warning comes from Abicalçados, which voiced concern over the exemption of tax payments for large international platforms for the entry of products in the range of up to 50 US dollars

Global alliance calls for the digital modernisation of labelling requirements

Jul 12, 2023 / World
A coalition of 130 organizations representing the fashion industry from around the world is pushing for the modernisation of labelling requirements to enable a reduction in waste and greater consumer access to information
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