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The Journey: get to know Portuguese Leather Goods

Oct 12, 2021 / Portugal
APICCAPS has just launched a new campaign for the leather goods sector. It is called The Journey. Watch the video here

Ambitious launches new ladies' line

Oct 4, 2021 / Portugal
The company from Guimarães, in the north of Portugal, guarantees that the brand's focus continues to be on male models. However, the brand is experimenting in other fields and now has launched a women's line at Micam

Felmini takes sustainable steps

Sep 28, 2021 / Portugal
The Felgueiras-based footwear company has adjusted its productive process and invested in more environmentally friendly materials to reduce the ecological footprint of its footwear

Lenna: new brand focused on solidarity and sustainability

Sep 21, 2021 / Portugal
Three childhood friends joined to launch a business together: a sustainable quality project without resorting to animal products and with a strong solidarity feature. Get to know Lenna

Centenário: 80 years dedicated to the footwear industry

Sep 13, 2021 / Portugal
The history of Centenário begins in 1941 when Camilo Ferreira had the idea of opening a shoe factory. His dream of making quality footwear made him ride his bike up and down the hill, every day, for 15 years, to join his team

Three Land: changing the world one sneaker at a time

Sep 7, 2021 / Portugal
Get to know a new Portuguese brand, whose sneakers are 100% vegan and entirely made from recyclable and sustainable material

Belcinto launches Leathergoods brand

Jul 30, 2021 / Portugal
It is one of the most important Portuguese companies specialised in the production and development of leather goods. Belcinto launched the new brand Leathergoods

Lusocal focus on sustainability

Jul 26, 2021 / Portugal
Recycled materials, biodegradable products and renewable energy. The Portuguese-based components company is embracing global sustainability and cross-sectoral policies in its productive process

Zouri and O'Neill are teaming up

Jul 19, 2021 / Portugal
The North American brand joins the Portuguese brand to create a line of shoes with 12 unique models, which contain marine waste collected from Portuguese beaches

Cubanas creates slippers using coconut fibres

Jul 5, 2021 / Portugal
Feel the Nature is the name of the new line launched by the Portuguese-based footwear brand, which has 20 models in the most varied colours, made from coconut fibres and with a vanilla aroma

Mariano Shoes opens physical store

Jun 23, 2021 / Portugal
The footwear brand from São João da Madeira inaugurated a new store in Lisbon. This will be the brand's first retail space, but two more openings are already on the pipeline

DiVERGE promotes social entrepreneurship project

Jun 18, 2021 / Portugal
Nine people from Bairro do Zambujal participated in a new program to fight social exclusion through training and empowerment of young people from underprivileged neighbourhoods

Portugal accelerates in the foreign markets

Jun 17, 2021 / Portugal
Portuguese footwear exports soar in April as the industry continues its path of recovery and is already on positive ground. In April, exports grew by 121% when compared to the same month of the previous year

Portuguese footwear industry focus on own brands

Jun 16, 2021 / Portugal
The investment in own brands is a major focus for the Portuguese footwear industry. According to data from the Industrial Property Support Office (GAPI) of the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre, 272 new footwear brands have been created in Portugal since 2010

New Generation: meet Alexandra and Susana from Noogmi

Jun 7, 2021 / Portugal
Susana created Noogmi, a brand of shoes for babies she designed for her son using a very Portuguese material: serge. The orders were quick to arrive and Alexandra came on board. Find out about Susana and Alexandra and the new brand Noogmi
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