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Flat revenues at Michael Kors

Aug 11, 2016 / United Kingdom
Strong results registered by the brand in revenue in North America allied to a consolidation of the global presence. A decline in the tourism flows and in traffic malls has offset the good results

Tanners in Pakistan demand action to deal with exports decline

Aug 1, 2016 / Pakistan
The Pakistan Tanners’ Association (PTA) has requested an urgent meeting with the Government in order to discuss the decline of 26% in leather exports, as they believe urgent measures are required

Unchanged retail revenue at Burberry

Jul 21, 2016 / United Kingdom
The iconic UK-based fashion house has reported a 3% fall in sales and flat retail revenues of 423 million British pounds in the first quarter. Implementation of a plan to drive revenue growth and improve productivity is underway

Rufel launches limited edition bag

Jul 20, 2016 / Portugal
The Portuguese-based company, established in 1975, is specialised in manufacturing bags and accessories for men and women

Burberry with new leadership roles

Jul 7, 2016 / United Kingdom
Burberry has announced new leadership roles for its senior team as part of the ongoing business review targeting future growth opportunities in retail, product and digital

Products within Bangladesh’s leather sector with different dynamics

Jul 1, 2016 / Bangladesh
Sales abroad of leather products between July 15 – March 16 have represented 1.5 times the target established for the period. Leather and leather footwear with opposite performances

Michael Kors with senior management promotions

Jun 17, 2016 / United States
Philippa Newman was promoted to President of the Accessories and Footwear business. Michele Chan promoted to President of Women’s Ready-to-Wear

Michael Kors acquires Greater China licensee

Jun 1, 2016 / United States
The acquisition of Michael Kors (HK) Limited, the exclusive licensee of the Company in China, is now confirmed. The deal reached 500 million US dollars in cash, still subject to adjustments

Brazilian leather exports increase

May 19, 2016 / Brazil
According to the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry 15.946 million square meters of leather were exported in April, resulting in growth of 2.3%, in comparison to hides traded in April 2015

Bangladesh leather industry focus on training

May 11, 2016 / Bangladesh
The Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) is being implemented for the leather sector. With this new deal the local entities are expecting to boost productivity

China leather industry expected to keep on track

Apr 29, 2016 / China
Moderate growth in revenue and profits is expected for 2016 according to CLIA, the China Leather Industry Association, notwithstanding the uncertainty in overseas markets which poses various challenges for exports

Burberry posts disappointing sales

Apr 29, 2016 / United Kingdom
The luxury British-based brand reported a 1% decline in total revenue, reflecting negative growth in retail, wholesale and licensing. Such disappointing second-half sales let the company to warn on profit for the current fiscal year

Prada’s weak results

Apr 18, 2016 / Italy
According to Bloomberg Prada has failed to meet its own earnings forecasts in 11 of the past 12 quarters. This was aggravated by profit margin shrinking from 27% in 2012 to 14% last year

French leather sector with 11% growth on exports

Apr 5, 2016 / France
Exports across the French leather sector, taking all products into account, grew by 11% in 2015, generating a total of 9.3 billion euros

Ferragamo Group fights counterfeiting

Mar 10, 2016 / Italy
The Italy-based group has announced thousands of actions carried out in 2015. A new microchip will start to be embedded in Ferragamo shoes and leather goods with an aim to make counterfeiting more difficult

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