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Britain loses 6 000 retail stores in 5 years

Aug 25, 2023 / Great Britain
New estimates from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) indicate that 6 000 storefronts were lost in the country in five years. The rise in the cost of living has led to short confidence amongst consumers and less spending, experts point out

Cooperation is the new trend

Premium ContentJun 23, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
The recovery phase that almost every business is about to face requires a rethinking of their business model, but it also provides an opportunity to make a real change in the way businesses are conducted. Cooperation can be the key in many fields

COVID-19 pandemic fuels solo fitness

Premium ContentJun 23, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
As many people change from classes into solo fitness, we could be witnessing a rise in demand for products for outdoor activities, individual sports or running

Buy Less, Buy Better

Premium ContentJun 19, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
While we have been encouraged to stop overconsumption for many years now, this pandemic may have created the perfect opportunity for this shift in consumer behaviour to happen. What business tips arise from here?

Kurt Geiger to donate first month of store profits to the NHS

Jun 19, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
The British-based retailer is set to give all store profits from the first month of trading after the lockdown to the National Health Service (NHS)

Retail Re-opening: Impacts on the Global Supply Chain

Premium ContentJun 18, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
As the world became global the advantages of access to resources, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and universal reach are undeniable. Nevertheless, in a globalized economy not only gains but also risks spread rapidly

Retail Re-opening: Digital Presence

Premium ContentJun 17, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
Digital presence and all that relates to online has been a main trend in the last few years. The shift from in-store to online shopping was boosted during the COVID-19 crisis and it seems to be here to stay

Is your store ready for customers after COVID-19?

Premium ContentJun 16, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
As stores start to re-open and we all get used to a new normality, the retailers' activities concerning promoting safety, protection and health measures for employees, customers and suppliers become key

Retail Re-opening: New Shopping Experience

Premium ContentJun 16, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
Fashion retailers are facing new challenges over the shopping experience. After reopening, it is likely that customers will not be as willing to touch the products they are buying as they were before or feel safe trying on clothes and shoes in fitting rooms

Trends in athletic footwear

Premium ContentJun 16, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
Many countries are still under some sort of restrictions that includes the practice of most collective sports and the use of indoor gyms. What is the expected impact in athletic footwear sales?

Retail Re-opening: let's talk about Inventory?

Premium ContentJun 15, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
Inventory is a sensitive topic to every business. There is an equilibrium between overstocking, which requires space and investment, and underestimating sales, which directly leads to losses. Nowadays, an effective management of inventory becomes crucial

Schuh is re-opening most stores

Jun 15, 2020 / United Kingdom
The footwear retailer is set to reopen most of its stores in England and Ireland today. Reduced opening hours will be imposed, alongside with other health and safety measures

Trends of the industry as retail re-opens: Comfort at home

Premium ContentJun 9, 2020 / Coronavirus - Covid19
The World Footwear brings you a new Guidebook with Business Tips and Health and Safety Recommendations for Brand Managers and Retailers. Today we will talk about Comfort at Home
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