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Brazilian footwear claims anti-dumping against Vietnam and Indonesia

Jan 13, 2021 / Brazil
According to Abicalçados, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), anti-dumping is high on the agenda for 2021, with the renewal of the existing duty over Chinese products, and its expansion to Vietnam and Indonesia

Brazil: Footwear sector to grow 19% in 2021

Jan 12, 2021 / Brazil
The forecast is made by Abicalçados, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), and follows a fall in year 2020 estimated to be around 25%. This placed the production of the Brazilian footwear industry at the same level as the one registered 16 years ago

EU-UK deal: how can leather goods benefit from duties exemption?

Premium ContentJan 8, 2021 / United Kingdom
The EU-UK agreement has set zero taxes on goods traded between the two parts. However, rules have been set to benefit from the exemption of duties. How can leather goods benefit from zero tariffs?

How can footwear benefit from zero duties under the EU-UK deal?

Premium ContentJan 7, 2021 / United Kingdom
The European Union and the UK have reached an agreement to frame the way both parts will live, work and trade together post-Brexit. There will be no taxes on goods originating from the UK or the EU and traded between both parts. However, how can footwear benefit from the exemption of duties?

EU-UK deal: how it will work for footwear?

Premium ContentJan 5, 2021 / United Kingdom
The big news on Christmas eve was the announcement of the much-expected deal between the European Union and the UK, which will frame the way both parts live, work and trade together post-Brexit. Today we focus on the aspects concerning footwear trade

India: total exports drop by 0.8%

Jan 5, 2021 / India
The country's exports declined marginally by 0.8% to 26.89 billion US dollars in December 2020, due to the contraction registered in sectors like petroleum, leather and marine products, according to preliminary data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Italian footwear exports fall by 20%

Jan 4, 2021 / Italy
In the first nine months of 2020 the Italian footwear industry saw a drop in production (-29.4%) and in sales (-33.1%). According to Assocalzaturifici Chair Siro Badon the timid return to normality was impacted by the second wave of the pandemic in the country

Bangladesh: decline in exports continues

Dec 18, 2020 / Bangladesh
In the first 5 months of the current year, Bangladesh’s leather industry registered a total of 358.57 million US dollars’ worth of exporting revenue, which represented a decline of 8.32% over the performance in similar period in the previous fiscal year

Brazil: driven by slippers, footwear exports grow by 13.8%

Dec 10, 2020 / Brazil
According to data by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in November, 9.55 million pairs of footwear were exported, 13.8% more than in the same month last year

France Retail: So far, back in business, but for how long?

Premium ContentDec 7, 2020 / France
After a lost spring, a season heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the French retail market reacted well, and summer sales brought a good mood to the business. However, a second wave hitting the country after the summer led to a November with closed stores (non-essential stores were not open for over a month). The enthusiasm of the reopening on the 28th of November led crowds to queue for visiting some stores. However, it is not clear if this will be enough to ensure an end of the year out of the red.

How the pandemic impacted China's footwear trade

Premium ContentDec 2, 2020 / China
China, the world’s main manufacturer and exporter of footwear, was the first country to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The hit on exports was first felt in the Asian country, which also started its recovery first than most others

How COVID-19 affected the 10 largest footwear exporters

Premium ContentNov 30, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
After analysing the impact in the main footwear importers, today we focus on the influence the pandemic and subsequent restrictions of movements and lockdowns had on the main footwear exporters in the first half of the current year

The impact of the pandemic in footwear imports

Premium ContentNov 27, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
International footwear trade was heavily impacted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent dissemination across the globe. Check the impact on the main footwear importers

Which footwear categories resisted better to the hit of COVID-19?

Premium ContentNov 26, 2020 / World Footwear Reports
In the first semester of 2020, global footwear exports have fallen almost a third (-31.1%) compared with similar period in the previous year. Do you know which categories resisted better to the impact of the pandemic?

The world's largest trade agreement

Nov 20, 2020 / World
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership was signed by China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia, plus ten Southeast Asian economies, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei
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