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Drop in Brazilian leather exports

Aug 3, 2015 / Brazil
The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) has announced the figures for international trade during the first semester of the year, marked by a decline in exports

Melissa creates shoe that fits both the right and left feet

Jul 17, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based brand has launched nine models of shoes that fit in both feet, allowing 81 different combinations

Havaianas presents wedding flip flops

Jun 22, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based brand, recognized internationally by its rubber flip flops, has launched a collection of slippers for grooms and guests

Brazilian footwear exports with two digits decline

Jun 15, 2015 / Brazil
According to the Brazilian Footwear Association, in the first five months of the year revenue from footwear exports was 12.2% below the value registered in similar period last year

UAE footwear purchases from Brazil increase 24%

May 15, 2015 / Brazil
The UAE is now the 12th largest buyer of Brazilian footwear and it acquired 8.38 million US dollars’ worth of shoes in the first four months of the year

Brazilian footwear exports fall back in April

May 13, 2015 / Brazil
This represents an inversion of the recent trend and interrupts the positive growth registered in the last three months

Grendene’s profit up by 13.1%

Apr 20, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based company closed financial year 2014 with a 2.1% growth in net revenue and 13.1% increase in profit

Brazil's footwear exports show recovery signs

Apr 14, 2015 / Brazil
In the month of March, 10.8 million pairs of Brazilian shoes were sold abroad with a total value of 91.14 million US dollars

Grendene’s net income up by 3.2%

Jan 20, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based footwear company, presented frozen net revenue (+0.5%) for the third quarter of the year. Net income is now recovering and grew 3.2% in the period

Brazilian leather exports up by 17.4%

Jan 15, 2015 / Brazil
Exports of Brazilian hides and skins have reached a total of 2 947 billion US dollars in 2014, reflecting a very dynamic growth, according to data coming from the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB)

Vulcabras returns to positive net result

Jan 12, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based company announced third quarter results, characterized by a recovery in net income, which reached 1.0 million euros

Brazilians anticipate negative 2014

Jan 6, 2015 / Brazil
According to Abicalçados, the Brazilian Shoe Manufacturers Association, during 2014 worrying decreases were registered across all industry's indicators

Alpargatas consolidates revenue growth

Jan 5, 2015 / Brazil
The Brazil-based company posted consolidated net revenue up by 4.5% in the third quarter of the year. Net income totaled 17.2 million euros, down by 25% from similar period last year

Brazilian leather exports with two digits growth

Dec 5, 2014 / Brazil
The country has registered in November a total of 206 million US dollars in exports of hides and skins, according to the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB)

Brazilian leather exports grow 5.1%

Nov 7, 2014 / Brazil
Sales abroad of Brazilian hides and skins have reached a total value of 249 million US dollars in October, according to figures from the Department of Foreign Trade – Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC)

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