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Grendene with recovering profit

Jul 28, 2014 / Brazil
During the second quarter of the year, the Brazil based footwear company, presented net revenue with modest growth (1%). Profit is now recovering and grew 9.4% in the second quarter, after a 5.7% decline in the first quarter

Brazilian footwear industry shows worrying signs

Jul 8, 2014 / Brazil
According to Abicalçados exports were down 3.6% in the first 5 months of the year, while imports boosted (6.8% increase in the same period)

Grendene announces stable net sales and declining net income

Jun 6, 2014 / Brazil
The Brazilian group announced 1.6% variation in net sales, but with mixed performances in domestic and foreign markets. Net income is down 5.7%

Alpargatas announces 26.3% increase in net income

May 27, 2014 / Brazil
The Brazil based company posted net revenue up by 14.1% in the first quarter of the year. Net income was 38.50 million euros, a 26.3% growth from similar period last year

Brazilian footwear exports stable in 2013

Mar 11, 2014 / Brazil
In 2013, Brazil's footwear exports were characterized by stability, with a modest variance of 0.2% in the value of sales abroad and an increase of 8.5% in volume. With increasing production, and imports growing 9.8% in quantity and 12.5% in value, the domestic market is quite dynamic.
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