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Nike GO FlyEase: the hands-free shoe

Feb 8, 2021 United States

Nike Go Flyease

The US-based sportswear giant caused a stir on social media last week with a video presentation of the new Nike GO FlyEase. The latest model presented by Nike is a hands-free shoe

The starting point of Nike's new shoe was the question: If I could design a hands-free shoe, how would I do it? So, the design team started to think how we actually take your shoes without using your hands. You do it by taking one foot, putting it behind the heel of the other foot and then pushing that foot out. And to get in, you slide your toes in it, then you jam your foot and the rest of your weight and you crash the heel counter. And then "we started to think we should design for that behaviour"

According to Nike, behind the "shoe's smooth motion is a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be secure in fully open and fully closed states. This duality allows another signature detail: the Nike GO FlyEase tensioner. The tensioner’s unique flexibility super-charges an action many might take for granted (kicking-off a shoe) and completely reimagines this movement as basis for accessible and empowering design".

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