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AMF shares innovative solutions with the industry

Jul 8, 2022 Portugal
AMF shares innovative solutions with the industry
The safety footwear Portuguese company held a demonstration action to introduce solutions which have, or will have, an impact on the future of the footwear industry and our planet as well
"Sharing information is always positive (…) We have wanted to do this for a long time, but the pandemic did not allow it to happen sooner", commented Albano Fernandes, CEO of AMF, at the beginning of the demonstration action, alongside representatives from the Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association (APICCAPS) and the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre (CTCP). The innovations presented were developed within the scope of the projects FAMEST and GREENSHOES4ALL, promoted by the CTCP.

The 100 participants were, first, introduced to the RFID System for the control and management of raw materials and products in the production line and warehouse, which monitors the complete production process of a pair of shoes until the final distributor. Next, they got to know the Planning Simulator of the Direct-to-Cut Injection Machine (optimized algorithm) that facilitates the planning of the rotary injection machine, answering the increasing demand for variety, quantities, and delivery times of the orders.

Albano Fernandes also exhibited the Showroom Virtual 3D TOWORKFOR (virtual experience), which has been attracting a great deal of attention in the stands of trade fairs, as it uses the latest 360º Virtual Reality technology to showcase virtually, and in detail, AMF’s collections, without physical models.

Considering the safety of workers, the CEO of AMF talked about the benefits of the Ultra-Sensory Insoles that allow to "determine the daily effort of the worker in his activity to prevent the risk of exaggerated effort, or even the imbalance that he may be having in the desynchronized wear of the sole". At last, he introduced the Customizer Infinity / 3D Bonding, which enables the end-user to customize its safety shoe.

But since sustainability is a cornerstone of the company, Albano Fernandes presented the TOWORKFOR THE PLANET project, "created to unite all actions we have been developing towards a continuous improvement of processes, procedures, and products. It is an idea that brings together partners, customers and suppliers, from the sourcing of materials to transportation. The end-goal is to leave only the footprint of our feet in the environment".

He advanced that the company, at a first level, is creating a measurable commitment with customers, setting goals for 2025 and 2035 in dimensions such as social, environmental and organizational. This will lay the ground for the work at the second level, concerning the product itself: "we also have to think about upcycling, from the factory floor to end-of-life shoes".

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