25 September 2018
Double-digit growth for Cambodia’s exports
Sep 25, 2018 / Cambodia
The country's garment and footwear industry recorded very positive growth reaching 4 billion US dollars revenue in the first half of the current financial year   
Bangladesh: leather footwear industry exceeds target
Sep 25, 2018 / Bangladesh
Despite a poor performance for the overall leather industry in the first two months of the new financial year, exports of leather footwear exceeded the target set for the period   
India aims to double leather exports
Sep 19, 2018 / India
The Council for Leather Exports has presented a detailed action plan – Strategy for Growth of Leather Sector – for next seven years. The local authorities are aiming for significant growth of leather exports   
Declining sales for Geox
Sep 25, 2018 / Italy
In the first half of 2018, the Italian-based brand Geox achieved revenue of 414 million euros, a decrease of 8.2% compared to the same period last year. Sales in Europe accounted for almost 75% of the total. However, this represents a decline of 9.5% year on year   
Gladz, Go for it
Sep 24, 2018 / Portugal
A Portugal-based brand with shoes aimed to feminine and contemporary women who enjoy the harmony of gathering an affirmative and independent spirit with a refined touch of sophistication   
Vans revenue to grow by 2 billion US dollars
Sep 20, 2018 / United States
VF Corporation, owner of Vans, estimates revenue growth for its brand of 2 billion US dollars, to reach 5 billion US dollars by fiscal year 2023, representing growth rates between 10% to 12% over the five-year period   

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