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You have to get the priorities right

Jun 24, 2019 Switzerland / Companies

Watch the interview to learn a bit more about the current trends of the footwear industry according to the views of Thomas G Bata, from the Bata Group

UK: retail sales slip at fastest pace since 2009

UK: retail sales slip at fastest pace since 2009

Jun 25, 2019 United Kingdom / World

The High Street business in the UK continues to face challenging times. Now, the highest drop in British retail sales in the last 10 years has been reported

Argentina: industry is under alert

Jun 25, 2019 Argentina / Trade

According to local news agencies, the footwear industry in Argentina is struggling with sharp falls ... [ more ]

Hermès to expand site in Saint Junien

Jun 21, 2019 France / Companies

The luxury group continues to invest in France, by expanding its facilities and creating new job opp... [ more ]