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Yearbook 2023

Industry is antecipating an increase in the quantity of footwear sold

According to the latest edition of the World Footwear Business Conditions Survey more than 60% of the respondents expect quantities of footwear traded to increase. All results are now available

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France Retail: the ball is in the consumers’ court to boost retail

Jun 18, 2024 France

The first quarter of the year brought some contradictory signs, but perhaps all is not lost, especially for footwear retailers. Prices in the category have been rising at a slower pace than general items, becoming more stable every month, which perhaps helps explain the (albeit residual) increase in footwear sales in March. Confidence indicators for both retailers and consumers remain in the red, but the small year-on-year increase in imports at the start of 2024 points to higher demand later in the year. With the European elections in June and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August, as well as real wage growth, the ball is in consumers’ court to boost retail

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