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Paul Andrew leaves Salvatore Ferragamo's artistic direction

Apr 12, 2021 / Italy
After Salvatore Ferragamo's leadership was recently confirmed, with Leonardo Ferragamo succeeding his brother Ferruccio as non-executive vice president, Artistic Director Paul Andrew is now leaving the luxury fashion house

Ferragamo: Leonardo succeeds brother Ferruccio as President

Apr 7, 2021 / Italy
The Italian luxury brand confirmed Micaela le Divelec Lemmi and Michele Norsa will remain, respectively, Managing Director (CEO) and Executive Vice President. Ferruccio Ferragamo, on the other hand, is giving the role of Non-Executive Chairman to his brother Leonardo

Ferragamo's revenue down by 33.5% in 2020

Mar 15, 2021 / Italy
The Italian luxury house reported sales of 916 million euros in fiscal 2020, down by 33.5%. Salvatore Ferragamo announced it had suffered a net loss of 72 million euros in 2020, in an economic context highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Ferragamo: consolidated revenue down by 33.5%

Feb 3, 2021 / Italy
The Florence-based group has announced preliminary consolidated revenue figures for financial year 2020. Ferragamo's consolidated revenue was down by 33.5% in 2020

Ferragamo: sales down by 18.9% in the third quarter

Nov 11, 2020 / Italy
The Italy-based luxury group announced third quarter results with sales down by 18.9%. The accumulated decline in 2020 reached 38.5%. The Asia Pacific area is confirmed as the group's top market, reaching over 42% of total revenue

Ferragamo launches 3D made-to-order service

Oct 26, 2020 / Italy
The Italy-based luxury brand is teaming up with Microsoft and its technological partner Hevolus for launching an innovative service to its customers. Hevolus's Augmented Store at Home platform is based on Microsoft's Cloud Computing and Mixed Reality technologies

Ferragamo with declining revenue

Sep 16, 2020 / Italy
As of the 30th of June 2020 the Salvatore Ferragamo Group reported total revenue of 377 million euros down by 46.6% at current exchange rates (-46.9% at constant exchange rates), which compares to 705 million euros in the first half of 2019

Ferragamo: revenue down by 46.6%

Sep 1, 2020 / Italy
The group's consolidated revenue was down by 46.6% in the first half of the current year. However, Ferragamo sees encouraging signs as revenue performance in July is increasing in China, Korea and Japan

Sales up by 2.3% at Salvatore Ferragamo

Feb 4, 2020 / Italy
The Italy-based luxury sector player released the Group’s Preliminary Consolidated Revenue for Fiscal Year 2019, which amount to 1,377 million Euros up 2.3% at current exchange rates and 1.3% at constant exchange rates

Ferragamo: slowdown in the third quarter

Nov 13, 2019 / Italy
The Italian luxury house registered net profit of 65 million euros in the first nine months of the year, stable year-on-year, but saw its sales fall in the third quarter

24 new companies join the Fashion Pact

Oct 29, 2019 / France
Signatory companies of the Fashion Pact have met in Paris for a first working meeting and 24 more companies joined the group

Ferragamo with 4% increase in revenue

Aug 13, 2019 / Italy
The Italy-based luxury group has announced first half results. Asia Pacific was confirmed as the group's top market. Other regions with mixed results in the period

Ferragamo with falling revenue

Feb 4, 2019 / Italy
A global leader in the luxury sector, Ferragamo released the group’s preliminary consolidated revenue for fiscal year 2018, which amounted to 1 347 million euros, down by 3.4% at current exchange rates

Ferragamo revenue continues to decline

Aug 9, 2018 / Italy
The Italy-based luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo has announced another quarter with declining revenue. The Board of Directors gathered to approve the set of results for the period and announced a new CEO for the company

Allbirds leading the way in sustainable footwear

Jun 22, 2018 / United States
The San Francisco-based company realises its sneakers through sustainable sourcing, recycled materials and, now, also plants. Since 2016, it has sold 1 million pairs
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