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Classic shoes manufacturer Ferreira Avelar celebrates 75 years

Nov 7, 2022 Portugal
Classic shoes manufacturer Ferreira Avelar celebrates 75 years
The Portuguese company Ferreira Avelar, owner of the brand Profession Bottier, celebrates 75 years of producing classic shoes of excellence, with the eyes set on the future
It ran the year 1947 when the family-owned company that had the dream of creating a footwear brand that made the difference in the domestic market was founded. "The balance of these 75 years is certainly positive, although I can only answer for the last 18 years. Success is always preceded by difficulties, periods of learning, growth and maturation. It is important to lay well the foundations to grow", stated Eduardo Avelar, currently responsible for the company and the second generation at the head of the family business.

At first, the company sold only shoes on demand, handmade by great master craftsmen, but, in 1970, it began the journey towards productivity, with a factory that would allow them to answer greater demand. In 1994, the Profession Bottier brand was created with a clear goal: embark on the internationalization process. The brand was born already with the second generation, targeted at the French market, and the recognition and influence of the designer Jacques Mirault were crucial in conquering this market. Today, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the US are the main export destinations of the company, which employs 70 workers.

Although Eduardo Avelar refuses to make projections for the future, he guarantees that the company is set on "try to make it a positive one", admitting that the company is "dependent on endogenous factors", such as "the capacity to evolve, to follow the laws of the market and to captivate demand for our products/services".

Classic Shoes

Ferreira Avelar specializes in the production of luxury men's shoes. With the changes in consumers' consumption habits, particularly with the 'explosion' of sports shoes, many have announced the end of 'classic shoes', but figures seem to indicate otherwise. "Classics are not dependent on cyclical factors such as fashion, although we have seen a lower demand in the last decade, in a period when the common denominator has been outfits with a sporting or leisure content".

The truth is, brands like Profession Bottier have ended up introducing comfort features to classic shoes, making them more and more appealing. They are lighter, more comfortable and made with excellent raw materials. "Fortunately, there will always be revivalist trends that increase the demand for more refined products or that rethink the 'classics', like the one we are experiencing these last two years. So, I would say that demand has been increasing in the classic segment".

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