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New Generation: meet Catarina Teixeira Pinto

Jul 19, 2019 Portugal
New Generation: meet Catarina Teixeira Pinto
Lawyer and journalist with expertise in politics, Catarina Teixeira Pinto has a long curriculum. She recently created footwear brand Haggua, combining elegance and comfort
Why did you start this project? Was the footwear sector a natural choice?
It was a natural choice as it comes from a great passion for footwear. I felt this was the moment to fulfil my will of creating an innovative brand with a unique concept. A concept that combines footwear and jewellery, two fields of reference in Portugal. From the specialized factories to the skilled workforce, Portugal has great potential. It was a combination of great will and determination with a professional experience that got me the ability of managing the whole project (not only the brand but the company behind it).

How does Haggua distinguish itself?
Haggua is a luxury brand with a legally protected and unique concept worldwide: a magnetic component developed and tested by the brand. The concept is the investment in timeless models, in which differentiation lies on the details of our ornaments’ collection. A compromise between timeless and contemporary, elegance and boldness. We don’t want to be the greatest, we want to be the best. Haggua represents a different concept, not only at the production level but also on the delivery aspect of it. We also wanted to innovate in packaging. The shoes arrive to the customers in a box lined with black velvet and a metallic support to secure and display the ornaments – just like a jewellery box. Haggua is not just a brand, not even just a concept. It is ultimately a sophisticated experience from the combination of the two fascinating sectors of footwear and jewellery.

Why the connection between jewellery (the ornaments) and footwear?
I wanted to bring together both worlds, always with the proposition of creating a different concept. However, just combining these two fields wouldn’t be enough to start this project. We worked to get to a more sophisticated form than the existing ones, in which the ornaments are glued, sewed or even have clips. The biggest challenges demanded several researches on worldwide databases to get to a magnetic component developed by the brand, which is invisible and is not felt, therefore doesn’t affect the shoes’ comfort. This way, it’s possible to change the ornaments and invest nor only in the versatility of each model but also in sustainability, since it’s possible to create numerous distinct combinations with only one pair of shoes, therefore reducing the consumption on behalf of a safe investment in quality and versatility. The ornaments are limited and can transform the shoes according to each occasion. Right now, we have 17 ornaments for 12 models. We invested in timeless footwear models that go well in every occasion, every season, for both day and night. The ornaments make the difference and adapt themselves to the occasions. The brand also provides the option of purchasing the ornaments separately, as accessories. One essence, multiple combinations. We don’t want to just make footwear with jewellery, we want to make footwear like we make jewellery.

What changes do you believe will happen in the footwear industry in the coming years?
In the ever-changing international markets there are some critical aspects, such as product’s innovation, a strong connection with technological advances and the establishment of added value partnerships. Besides, there are also, of course, the attention to new distribution circuits, such as the digital channels.
I believe the most relevant change will maybe be the shift of focus from the product to the client, which involves the creations of new concepts and new trends that will become fashionable.

For more information about Haggua please refer to the brand's website.

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