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Sustained positive trend in French leather exports

May 2, 2024 France
Sustained positive trend in French leather exports
According to the latest data from Alliance France Cuir (ex-Conseil National du Cuir), French leather exports slowed in 2023, but still showed a slight increase of 6% year-on-year to 18.9 billion euros
The data shows that French leather exports are growing at a sustained rate: 23% in 2021, 22% in 2022 and 6% in 2023. The increase was more moderate last year due to the slowdown in US demand, which led to a fall of 5% year-on-year to 2.40 billion euros. China remains the main destination for the country’s leather exports, with a 9% increase on the previous year to 2.61 billion euros.

This performance allows France to maintain its position as the world’s fourth-largest leather exporter after China, Vietnam and Italy, according to Alliance France Cuir, which points out that French exports account for 5.7% of world exports.

Demand for French luxury goods remains strong”, the organisation said. Exports in the segment rose by 5% last year to 12.7 billion euros, driven by a 12% year-on-year growth in Asia and a 4% year-on-year growth in Europe; by contrast, sales to the Americas fell by 4% year-on-year. In total, exports of leather goods account for more than two-thirds of the sector’s sales.

A highlight was the performance of the shoes and other footwear segment, which accounted for around 29% of total leather exports in 2023. Exports in this segment increased by 9% compared to 2022 to 5.47 billion euros. This segment is also experiencing a sustained growth over the years.


After two years of growth, French leather imports stabilised last year at 13.7 billion euros. In particular, according to Alliance France Cuir, the 9% year-on-year fall in imports from Asia was offset by an 11% year-on-year increase in imports from Europe. Imports from Italy, the main European supplier, increased by 15% year-on-year to 3.8 billion euros.

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