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Influence Marketing: What strategy to employ?

Jun 30, 2020 World Footwear Reports
Influence Marketing: What strategy to employ?
Influence marketing will only work if the brand understands its origin. The selection process of an influencer must involve a careful identification of the brand objectives and the influencer's aesthetics and profile
The brand must be prepared to dedicate time and resources to work with the "Creators". The right approach and involvement can result in a better or worse return on the investment made, however, it is key to look at Influence Marketing as a Strategy and to follow certain steps.

A - Defining objectives
The starting point for any strategy of influence is the brand to have a clear vision of the target audience and the objectives that it intends to achieve. Together, they will lay the foundations that drive successful activations. Ordering the press kit with demographic information from the public is essential. Although some agencies and influencers may not be willing to share this data.

B - Defining the metrics to consider
Currently, some companies are concerned with the end of likes, but the truth is that this absence will allow creating a more genuine relationship with the consumer. The like is considered the poorest metric in the interaction. As a brand, you should pay attention to the rate of comments, impressions, direct messages and all the indications that generated the most traffic for your goal. When hiring an influencer you should define your goal. Do you want notoriety, a new positioning, sales?

C - Choosing the influencer
Influencers are not numbers; they are a person and they have talent. Therefore, creating a partnership with an influencer depends a lot on the relationship that the brand manages to establish. It is important to create mutual trust and open communication from the start.

D - Define a briefing
The brands should be clear in the briefing presented, allowing the creation of a connection and align the right message. "If you want to impose content, pay for advertising in a magazine, don't hire an influencer, because what makes him an influencer is their vision, their creative power", as Ludovic Freitas, marketing specialist, commented.

E - Define an approach
The brand must remember, influencers don’t not see themselves as influencers but as a content creator. Therefore, in the search for a more genuine and qualitative relationship. A brand must be transparent in the request and can have an ideal approach, which can help even develop a Briefing together. Influencers have knowledge and experience that can help the brand. If the influencer that the brand is choosing already has a history of successful collaborations, the brand should pay attention to its experience and even adjust its initial idea. For this reason, many influencers prefer to speak directly to the company's creative or commercial director, because the agency does not always convey the right idea.

F - Create a long-term partnership
One-off partnerships create less impact than longer partnerships and also demand substantial resources to create and support at scale, not to mention that they can be more attractive to influencers. A brand should look at an influencer not as a transaction, but as a relationship. To use influence marketing is to allow a partnership model. This model can be reciprocal, meaning that the parties will gain from it. A brand and the influencer must be willing to devote the time and resources to work together, either internally or through an agency.

G - Types of negotiation
How to build these relationships? The first steps include implementing a clear and effective strategy and establishing an objective-oriented payment model and negotiating a fair contract for both parties. Often, brands propose values that are out of step with the execution of the project or a proposal that is not aligned with the reality of the influencer. The truth is that there is no fixed standard or price list, so the brand must pay according to the activation it will do. The market has several payment methods.

List of Contents of the Study

1. Abstract
2. How did Influence Marketing come about?
3. The Evolution of Influence Marketing
4. Types of Influence
5. Influence Marketing today
6. The "Instapreneurs"
7. The Activist Influence
8. How did Influence Marketing increase the Mobile Commerce and Social Commerce?
9. What Strategy to Employ?
10. Conclusion