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Latin America: footwear associations raise their concerns

Apr 30, 2020 / Latin America
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela got together and issued a statement with their concerns arising from the impact of Covid-19 on the footwear industry

Singapore: most competitive economy

Jun 12, 2019 / Singapore
Singapore has ranked as the world’s most competitive economy for the first time since 2010, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Rankings, as the United States slipped from the top spot and economic uncertainty took its toll on conditions in Europe

Latin American footwear industry gathered in Chile

Aug 1, 2017 / Chile
Delegates from different local and national sectorial organizations gathered in Santiago to discuss the pressing issues impacting the footwear industry in the region

Venezuela orders stores to get into the Christmas spirit

Dec 10, 2016 / Venezuela
One of the world's highest inflation rate has led to a low level of disposable income for Venezuelans, in an economy struggling with chronic shortages of goods

Footwear industry in Venezuela hit with lack of hides

May 7, 2015 / Venezuela
The national footwear industry association Cavecal said that the quantity of country’s hides available for its members is not sufficient to fill the needs of the industry
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