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Get to know Uzbekistan’s fast-growing footwear industry

Premium ContentDec 4, 2023 / Uzbekistan
We spoke with Boboev Fakhriddin, Chairman of the Association of Leather and Footwear Producers of Uzbekistan, to find out a little more about one of the fastest-growing industries in Central Asia

Uzbekistan industry aims to grow exports

Jan 6, 2020 / Uzbekistan
The local government is pushing ahead a programme to liberalise a state and economy with a strong heritage from the post-Soviet era. The aim is to grow exports of the clothing and footwear industry

Marko with new investment plan for Uzbekistan

Oct 16, 2018 / Uzbekistan
The Belarusian footwear manufacturer Marko has unveiled a major investment plan for Uzbekistan, where it is expected to manage two units with production capacity over 1 million pairs

Uzbekistan exports to cross a new threshold

Dec 28, 2017 / Uzbekistan
As the year is about to close the local Association of Leather and Footwear Producers is estimating the yearly value of exports of the leather and footwear companies year to exceed 110 million US dollars

Uzbekistan sets output target for the next four years

Jan 5, 2017 / Uzbekistan
According to the local authorities the Leather and Footwear Industry of Uzbekistan intends to produce output worth 1.68 billion US dollars in the next four years

Uzbekistan with long-term programme for developing its industry

Jul 1, 2016 / Uzbekistan
According to local news agencies, the Head of Department of the Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan, Otabek Sharipov, confirmed a development programme to be in place by 2030
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