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Samuel Ross reimagines Timberland's boot

Jun 19, 2023 United States
Samuel Ross reimagines Timberland's boot
Samuel Ross, the founder of A-Cold-Wall, has collaborated on Timberland's latest Future73 capsule collection, which invites designers to reimagine its iconic boot on the occasion of the brand's 50th anniversary
The Timberland x Samuel Ross Future73 features a stripped-back version of the brand's classic boot with minimal lines and zip closure and also reimagines the 3-Eye Lug Handsewn Boat Shoe in black ballistic nylon. In addition, it includes a range of archival apparel designs - including a hunting parka, cargo shorts, an insulated vest, crewneck sweatshirts and a knitted sweater, all finished with hand-dyeing techniques. Overall, the collection shows Ross's signature touch, namely the creator's reverence for craftsmanship and focus on the potential for function and ergonomics.

“My earliest memories of Timberland go back some 20 years when I was a child travelling around the Caribbean, where my family is from, and seeing the brand's influence on the culture. In places like Barbados and St. Vincent, there is a deep respect for heritage and ensuring the sanctity of craftsmanship”, said Samuel Ross. 

So, “the opportunity to work on a project surrounding the anniversary of the 6-Inch Boot immediately pulled a heartstring. "All the designs have a level of resistance applied to them; it is less about making fashion items than it is about making exceptionally well-made goods to be worn as functional utility tools for the body”, he added. 

About A-Cold-Wall

Founded in 2015 by Samuel Ross, the British luxury brand takes an ergonomic approach to design, combining social consciousness with material innovation. The brand is then associated with modern and contemporary designs that often incorporate technical fabrics and innovative details.

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