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Nike launches Well Collective

Jun 22, 2023 United States
Nike launches Well Collective
The US-based sportswear giant launched the Well Collective commitment to “support wellness journeys for everyone”. This initiative is built on the brand's five pillars of holistic fitness
“Inspired by insights from our Nike Women's consumer, Nike Well Collective is designed to support wellness journeys for everyone, however, they define them. It celebrates all bodies and all forms of movement. Because we know holistic fitness is more than just sport, it's focusing on body, mind and life,” commented Amy Montagne, VP/GM of Global Nike Women’s.

This Well Collective vision is then underpinned by Nike's five pillars of holistic fitness, namely movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest, and connection, and these are expected to guide how the company will push for wellness across its entire ecosystem – including stores, social media, and the content on its apps, Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club. In addition, the Nike Sport Research Lab's expertise is expected to support this commitment by providing credible information and services for all aspects of holistic fitness.

To fuel this initiative, the company will onboard more than 1 000 new global fitness trainers to help create holistic fitness content, programming and experiences throughout Nike's ecosystem. It will also reach out to “world-class and award-winning” academics, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, as well as academic authors across its holistic fitness pillars, such as Deepak Chopra.

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