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Growth of Brazilian exports driven by US market

Dec 17, 2019 Brazil
Growth of Brazilian exports driven by US market
Between January and November this year 104.2 million pairs of shoes were exported by Brazil, resulting in revenue of 886.3 million US dollars. The US market continues to grow
Haroldo Ferreira, Executive President of the Brazilian Footwear Association (Abicalçados), highlighted that the results were mainly influenced by the trade war between the United States and China – and consequently the slowdown of the international economy – and the crisis in Argentina. According to him, a more significant increase was expected at the beginning of the year, especially because the 2018 basis was very weak: "Nonetheless, due to the instabilities in the global economy, this ended up not happening", he lamented.

Data gathered by Abicalçados indicates that 104.2 million pairs of shoes were exported by Brazil between January and November this year, generating 886.3 million US dollars. This resulted in increases of 3.8% in volume and 0.9% in revenue, compared to the same period of 2018.

The US continued to be the main destination of Brazilian exports between January and November. A total of 10.86 million pairs with a value of 181.66 million US dollars were sold to US clients, translating a 26.5% increase in volume and a 28.2% increase in revenues, compared to similar period in 2018.

The second destination was Argentina. In the first eleven months of the year, 9.32 million pairs were shipped to the neighbouring country, generating USD 98.32 million, decreasing both in volume (-18.3%) and in revenues (-27%), in comparison with the same period last year.

With positive results both in revenue (4.1%) and in volume (9.8%), France was the third destination of Brazilian shoes abroad. Between January and November, the French imported 7 million pairs for USD 52.47 million.

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