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Foot Locker launches initiative to tackle social inequalities

Dec 13, 2021 United States
Foot Locker launches initiative to tackle social inequalities
The US-based footwear retailer has partnered up with Laureus Sport for Good Foundation to launch a multi-country initiative aimed at addressing inequality in underserved communities
"Inspiring and empowering youth culture is more than just a purpose statement; it is at the core of who we are. We are committed to driving meaningful change in communities that have been overlooked for too long. Today's announcement expands our efforts globally and helps us create more opportunity today that will lead to a stronger and more equitable future for the next generation”, commented Richard Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Foot Locker.

During the coming year, the Foot Lockers’ Community Empowerment Programme, will provide grants, starting at 20 000 US dollars to organizations that offer services for young people, including sports-based youth development, health and wellness, education and life skills support, mentoring and workforce development. The main goal is to address social challenges that affect the youngsters of underserved communities.

The initiative will be expanded beyond the US, as Foot Locker intends to work with nine organizations in nine metropolitan areas across Europe and Canada. Moreover, the footwear retailer will engage store team members in each of the target cities to boost the impact of the programme through in-store learning opportunities, community “clean-ups”, mentoring and other volunteer activities.

Concerning the partnership, track and field legend, and Laureus Academy Member, Edwin Moses, stated that “For us at Laureus and for many of the young people this program is targeting, sport is the tool. It's the confidence and resilience that sport helps build in young people that can be truly transformational. We're excited to team up with Foot Locker on this programme, using sport to help address the health, wealth, and opportunity gaps in underserved communities".

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is a global charity that supports children and young people by using the power of sport to end violence, discrimination, and inequality.

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