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EU-Japan EPA: a practical guide for footwear companies

May 13, 2020 Japan
EU-Japan EPA: a practical guide for footwear companies
The entry into force of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union (EU) and Japan in 2019 represents favourable trading opportunities for companies based in the EU and Japan. To make sure our readers take the most advantage of the EPA we have prepared a Practical Guide For All Footwear Companies based in Japan and in the EU and aiming to trade under the current framework.

The document can be Downloaded HERE in its English version free of charge and it includes two main chapters, one with an overview of the European Union - Japan EPA and a second section dedicated to Footwear. Within this chapter you will find a practical Flowchart explaining How to Determine the Rule of Origin for FOOTWEAR in order to benefit from the preferential tariff rates applicable to products originating in either Japan or the EU.

The Japanese Version of the document can be downloaded below where you can also access more information about the EPA in Japanese.