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Coats launches fibre-laying technology for footwear

Jan 20, 2022 United Kingdom
Coats launches fibre-laying technology for footwear
The British industrial thread manufacturer has launched Lattice Lite Eco, which uses sustainable materials, to create footwear composite materials
Lattice Lite Eco enables yarns to be precisely positioned in the required place and direction. This implies that the thickness, flexibility, torsion and rigidity of each section of the footplate can be specifically created to ensure support to every part of the foot. It can also be used in toe caps, torsion bars, heel counters, bindings and knuckle protection. According to the company, this new technology will assist footwear developers to combine high performance with comfort.

In addition, it eliminates the need for further resin steps, such as prepeg or resin transfer moulding, speeding up the manufacturing process and reducing material waste from more than 30%, for more traditional composite operations, to 5%. It can also use a range of eco-friendly materials, including recycled carbon, recycled nylon or materials from natural resources, like basalt and flax.

“Coats Lattice Lite Eco technology is revolutionary and eco-friendly. It enhances performance on multiple levels: the consumer wearing the end product and our customer who is able to create components faster, optimize manufacturing and reduce waste”, commented Adrian Elliott, President, Apparel and Footwear Coats.

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