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Brazil: footwear exports continue to decline

Jul 8, 2019 United States
Brazil: footwear exports continue to decline
After decreasing by 9.4% in March, Brazilian footwear exports declined even more in April: 17.7% compared to similar month last year
Data prepared by Abicalçados, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association, indicate that in the fourth month of the year, 9.12 million pairs were sold to foreign countries for a total amount of 76.66 million US dollars. The decrease in volume considering the same relation was 7.6%.

Taken in consideration the first four months of the year, exports totalled 44.16 million pairs and 43.8 million US dollars, a 9.4% increase in volume and a 0.1% decrease in revenue, in comparison with similar period in 2018.


According to Abicalçados' Executive President, Heitor Klein, one of the main issues relates to the effect of the crisis in Argentina: "The crisis in the neighboring country, our second main destination abroad, has been affecting Brazilian footwear exports since the second half of last year. In April alone, the setback was almost 50%, which had a reflection of a decrease of over 10% in the general numbers". In the four-months period, Argentina imported 2.5 million Brazilian pairs with a total value of 32 million US dollars, 33.1% and 45.1% decreases, respectively, in relation to similar period last year.

In addition to the Argentinian effect, Mr. Klein points out that the end of the shipments of the High Summer season also negatively affected the performance: "Rubber or injected shoes, beach sandals, are a strong part of our exports. If we disregard the results of this segment, total exports would have increased by 3.7% in April".

United States

According to Abicalçados, the effects of the trade war between the United States and China continue to positively reflect in the shipments. By gradually shifting the supply matrix from Asia to other countries, due to the fear of extra fees, US companies have been increasing their imports of Brazilian shoes since last year. During the first four months of the current financial year, 4.8 million pairs were shipped to the United States, generating 69.8 million US dollars, an increase in both volume (26.8%) and value (37.1%), comparing to similar period last year.

Photo by Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

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