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Brazil: footwear retail recovers in 2018

Jan 22, 2019 Brazil
Brazil: footwear retail recovers in 2018
According to ABLAC, the Brazilian Association of Artifacts and Footwear Retailers, the year 2018 reserved positive surprises, despite the many difficulties faced by the business of footwear retailing
The Brazilian footwear retail sector, comprised of more than 60 thousand stores throughout the country, closed the fiscal year October 2017 - October 2018 with nominal growth of 2.6%, gaining relevance in the market.

This is the conclusion of a survey about Consumption of Footwear in the country, ordered by ABLAC, from which it was also concluded that 114 million Brazilians bought footwear in the last year, the equivalent to 70% of the population of the country.

The frequency of purchases increased by 11.5% to 3 times per year, but average spending fell by 5% (from 29.6 US dollars to 28.05 US dollars).

Some other important findings

- Women go to shops more, but men spent more
Women were more frequent in the purchase process during the period studied, however, the expenditure made by men was 43% larger. Women went 4 times to stores, spending, on average, 26,22 US dollars. Men, in turn, went shopping twice, spending on average, 37,67 US dollars;
- Women's footwear grew in value and sales volume
The female segment had a positive change, in value, of 17.8%, while the male segment presented a retraction of 11.5%. Despite the downturn in volume terms, the children's segment grew by 6.1% in revenue;
- Multi-brand and mono brand stores
Multi-brand stores accounted for 95% of the footwear market and increased the frequency of shopping (10.5%). Sandals and women's closed footwear were the products that most boosted store sales. In relation to brands, Moleca followed preferred leader, followed by Beira Rio and Vizzano. In the sports segment, Nike recorded a good performance, both in number of pairs sold and in value, followed by Olympikus and Beira Rio.

3% growth forecast for 2019

ABLAC's estimates that the Brazilian retail of footwear will grow around 3% this year, based on the increase of the relevance of the stores in the market in 2018 and the expectation around the new measures promissed by the new federal government. According to the entity, economic growth and the generation of new jobs should restore consumer confidence, an essential condition to stimulate consumption.

Note: An exchange rate of 1 Brazilian Real = 0.27 US dollars as applied (22nd January 2019)

Photo by Aleksandra Mazur on Unsplash

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