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Bangladesh with leather exports off target

Apr 18, 2019 / Bangladesh
In the first nine months of the current financial year, exports revenue of the leather industry in Bangladesh declined by 9%, reaching just over 770 million US dollars

Footwear is good news in Bangladesh

Jan 15, 2019 / Bangladesh
According to the Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exports Association of Bangladesh, in the first 5 months of the year exports revenue of the leather and footwear industries as a whole underperformed according to the targets set. However, exports of footwear managed to grow in the period

Bangladesh: leather footwear industry exceeds target

Sep 25, 2018 / Bangladesh
Despite a poor performance for the overall leather industry in the first two months of the new financial year, exports of leather footwear exceeded the target set for the period

Leather industry in Bangladesh with downward trend

Apr 24, 2018 / Bangladesh
According to the Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exports Association of Bangladesh, the first eight months of the year were marked by declining exports in the Leather and Footwear Industry

Leather industry claims policy support in Bangladesh

Mar 6, 2018 / Bangladesh
A 5 billion US dollars aim was set for exports of leather and leather goods to be achieved by 2021. Shareholders from these industries claimed policy support to help achieving it

Good semester for footwear in Bangladesh

Jan 11, 2018 / Bangladesh
The first semester closed with a positive performance by the footwear industry (growing from similar period last year and above their strategic target). Different performance registered by the leather and leather products industries

Good performance for leather footwear in Bangladesh

Oct 17, 2017 / Bangladesh
According to the local Leathergoods and Footwear Association, the leather industry as a whole closed the first quarter achieving 99% of the exports target for the period. Leather footwear surpassed its target

Exports in Bangladesh cross historic milestone

Jul 11, 2017 / Bangladesh
According to the local association, in the current fiscal year 2016-17 (July-June), exports earnings from the leather goods and footwear sector reached 1 billion US dollars

Bangladesh’s new policy to boost exports

Jun 19, 2017 / Innovation
The local authorities seem to be focusing on new policies to reinforce the leather goods and footwear manufacturers capacity and in that way boost exports

Kenya and Bangladesh to strengthen trade relations

Mar 8, 2017 / Bangladesh
According to the Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exports Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) the African country is focusing in the Bangladeshi Leather sector

Leather, leather goods and footwear as Product of the Year in Bangladesh

Mar 6, 2017 / Bangladesh
The nomination was announced by the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The authorities have set an ambitious aim for the Leather industry’s exports earnings

Bangladesh sets target of 5 billion US dollars for its leather industry exports

Nov 4, 2016 / Bangladesh
The new target is being set for 2021. The Ministry of Commerce reaffirmed this aim during the inaugural ceremony of the Leathertech Bangladesh 2016

Positive start for Bangladesh's leather footwear exports in the new financial year

Sep 12, 2016 / Bangladesh
According to data released by the local leathergoods and footwear association, in the period July – August sales abroad of leather products have represented 110.7% of the target established for the period

Products within Bangladesh’s leather sector with different dynamics

Jul 1, 2016 / Bangladesh
Sales abroad of leather products between July 15 – March 16 have represented 1.5 times the target established for the period. Leather and leather footwear with opposite performances

Bangladesh leather industry focus on training

May 11, 2016 / Bangladesh
The Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) is being implemented for the leather sector. With this new deal the local entities are expecting to boost productivity
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