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New Generation: meet Cláudia Faria

Apr 15, 2022 Portugal
New Generation: meet Cláudia Faria
Cláudia Faria created the footwear brand Sarah Maier inspired by two of her biggest passions: shoes and her grandmother. Cláudia bets on a strong design, with an unusual triangular high heel and the application of Swarovski crystals

Academic education?

I have the second year of law at Agostinho Neto law school, in Angola. But I followed another path and, soon after, attended the arts faculty at UNISA University of South Africa, in the languages and linguistics area. It is equivalent to the Germanic languages course in Portugal.

How did the idea of creating this brand come about?

The idea has many years because I have a declared passion for shoes and for the possibility of expressing the personality of each individual through shoes. I have been hearing since little from my grandmother that "when does not matter", the important is to make our dreams come true. I believe that moment has arrived.

Sarah Maier is a combination of art, family traditions and a quality product, as it used to be in the old days. And, of course, my companion, my family and friends, who cheered on me to go forward and make it happen.

What distinguishes Sarah Maier on the market?

The first Sarah Maier collection stands out undoubtedly by the high triangle heel. It is an A for art, love, grandmother and affinity (from the Portuguese orthography).

What fascinates you the most about the footwear sector?

Everything in general. Despite not being a professional designer, I believe I have a creative mind constantly looking out for new references. The creativity moment is dear to me. It is when I feel I am totally wrapped up in my work. 

What are the challenges for the future of the footwear industry?

One of the main challenges is creating products that stand out. People enjoy the difference, and the footwear world pushes us to be more and more creative in the shapes, accessories and materials we use.

The environmental impact is also affecting the footwear industry. Given the ecological situation, it is not easy to work in the field today. We are always looking for sustainable and less polluting alternatives with a fairer production.

What advice would you give to a young person just starting out?

Drive, strength and determination. Without these three characteristics, it is impossible to go somewhere. It may sound like a cliché, but without them I would not be able to overcome the various daily challenges of creating a brand.

For more information about the brad, please refer to the LINK.


Image Credits: Sarah Maier

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