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The first gaming shoes

Jun 27, 2017 World
The first gaming shoes
Lenovo, one of the big players in the technology industry, wants to enter the footwear game. The organization presented its first gaming shoes, working as game controllers
The gaming industry is one of the most appealing ones for companies looking for profitable businesses. Revenues are expected to reach more than 105 billion US dollars in 2017.

Naturally, big tech companies have been targeting this market and adapting products and communication for gamers, which are a very particular audience. They are usually very passionate about their lifestyle (gaming) and as a consequence, for all products related to it.

Some brands have already created apparel and accessories inspired by games, but Lenovo wants to extend the connection between technology and footwear. The group presented its latest creation: Gaming shoes, which will serve as controllers for gamers to play some specific games, such as fitness or dancing.

Gaming, a profitable audience

Lenovo is seeking to enter the business of smart shoes, which can be highly profitable. But just creating a smart shoe, might not be enough to be successful, that’s why the group decided to design this shoes especially for gamers, as they are more prone to spend and buy it than to appeal to a generic audience.

A small example: Computer accessories can be 50% more expensive when sold to gamers. These accessories usually have customized led colors, an artistic design and high-performance features, such as extra keyboards or better sensors.

Gaming is a lifestyle for these people and, as a consequence, gamers feel that  these customized accessories will add value to the way they play and to their lifestyle. Therefore, they are willing to pay more for it.