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Footwear innovation: Light-up shoes

Jun 22, 2017 World
Footwear innovation: Light-up shoes
Light-Up Shoes is an innovation that will surely make use of the power of smartphones to make personalization in footwear available to consumers
Footwear companies continuously look for opportunities that would give them an edge over the market they are targeting for. We already mentioned before, how consumers are desiring innovative features on their footwear besides great design and comfort.

Recent technological developments are allowing companies to incorporate extra functions in their shoes, such as GPS tracking and other sensors. Other innovations focus on the quality and the source of materials used.

Light-up shoes, is it what consumers really want?

It is not the first time that brands design and produce shoes with lights. Somehow, it’s a market that has always existed, especially for youngsters and kids.

So what’s new? Why would adults buy light-up shoes now? For the simple reason that they will be able to control the features of a shoe with a smartphone ( or other device). This is a turning point since a shoe becomes more than a shoe. With this kind of “smart shoes”, consumers are able to personalize their footwear as they wish, so it matches their style and how they want to look.

Many brands are already taking advantage of this trend. For instance. Walmart intends to sell 1.25 million pairs of “flashlight sneakers” in 2017. Channel was also a brand that decided to create and sell high-fashion light-up sandals.