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ReHubs Europe: an initiative to boost textile waste recycling

Nov 7, 2023 Europe
ReHubs Europe: an initiative to boost textile waste recycling
After three years of preparation, the European body for the textile and clothing industry, Euratex, has officially launched the ReHubs Europe project to increase the recycling of textile waste
ReHubs Europe brings together some of the main players in the textile value chain - textile manufacturers, fashion brands, collectors and recyclers, the chemical industry, and technology providers – who agree on the ambition to recycle 2.5 million tons of textile waste by 2030.  Carrying this out will require up to 250 industrial projects across Europe, covering different types of fibre-to-fibre recycling.

The launch follows 3 years of preparation, including the publication of a study that analysed the economic viability, costs and environmental benefits of increasing textile waste recycling in Europe. It is also the industry’s response to future EU legislation, which establishes mandatory collection and sorting of textile waste by 2025.

“This initiative proves that we are committed to taking our industry forward towards a new circular business model, even during today’s difficult times. I am particularly happy to see all segments of our textile value chain joining forces; ReHubs Europe will give a fresh boost to the textile industry in Europe”, commented Euratex President Alberto Paccanelli.

Chris Deloof, who has been chosen to lead the project as Executive Director, said that it is “a privilege to work alongside the captains of industry and fashion that are joining ReHubs Europe, building tomorrow’s circular textile industry together”.

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