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New Balance looking for larger US footprint

Jan 10, 2019 United States
New Balance looking for larger US footprint
Back in December, the Mayor of Methuen, a city in the state of Massachusetts, announced works are being developed to open a New Balance site for advanced manufacturing in the city
Jim Jajuga, the Mayor of Methuen, announced that Boston-based New Balance Athletics is working with the city to open an advanced manufacturing facility in the city.

"Having a great Massachusetts company like New Balance Athletics see the value of expanding their manufacturing footprint here in Methuen is a win for our city. Not only will this new facility bring millions of dollars of investment, it will, most importantly, create jobs. These are the opportunities that will allow Methuen to expand our commercial base, create opportunity for our residents, provide additional economic development, and improve the fiscal health of our city. I look forward to welcoming New Balance Athletics to Methuen", commented Jim Jajuga at the time.

"New Balance is excited about the opportunity to expand our domestic manufacturing footprint in the Merrimac Valley through our intent to purchase 596 Lowell Street in Methuen”, stated Amy Dow, New Balance Athletics Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs.

This new facility would complement the company's existing manufacturing facility in Lawrence by specifically housing advanced manufacturing operations, such as research and development operations and 3D printing. If all goes according to schedule operations in the new site could start within the next 12 to 18 months.

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