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Furla exceeds 500 million euros in turnover

Mar 15, 2019 Italy
Furla exceeds 500 million euros in turnover
The Italian-based group continues to announce growth, hitting 513 million euros in turnover in 2018, a 5.2% increase at constant exchange over 2017 (2.8% increase at current exchange)
Analyzing Furla's sales by geographic area and at constant exchange, the Asia Pacific region shines, with an 18.2% year-on-year increase in 2018 now accounting for 26% of total turnover. The United States, meanwhile, saw an increase of 13.2%, and now account for 8% of total turnover. Japan remains the brand’s leading market (22% of total sales) with an increase in sales of 3.6%. The EMEA region, which represents 44% of global turnover, maintains its market position.

The Furla group continues to seek direct control of its brand distribution through a strengthening of its mono-brand stores, which produced 70% of turnover in 2018. Direct distribution, combined with multi-brand sales points and franchising, allows Furla to have a far-reaching presence in 98 countries worldwide with a network of 490 mono-brands stores (285 directly owned, 163 franchisees and 42 travel retail doors). Over 1 200 select multi-brands and department store corners complete the company’s distribution network.

Of particular note is the travel retail sector, which is in continuous evolution and in 2018 registered a 16.2% increase over 2017, accounting for 7.3% of Furla’s turnover through its sales at 293 doors, from boutiques, corners, shop-in-shops, aircraft and cruise ships, across 64 countries.

In 2018, there was a substantial turnover increase in Furla's direct e-commerce: 45.7% over the previous year, at constant exchange, which the company attributes to repeated investments done.

The Furla group is focused on solidifying the wild growth it has experienced over the past several years. The company has directed major resources toward strengthening the supply chain, as well as systemically integrating countries with direct and indirect distribution networks into Furla’s corporate culture and technology. After years of geographic expansion across the globe, Furla is now focused on a more selective development and on categories of merchandise that are complementary to its core business. Furla has further strengthened investment in its marketing operations, giving particular attention to digital communication and social channels, which have shown an important increase of followers (+64% versus 2017 on Instagram and WeChat), while maintaining one of the highest engagement rates (1,59%) within the fashion luxury category.

“We are highly satisfied with these financial results, which we achieved at a challenging time for the international market”, commented Alberto Camerlengo, Chief Executive Officer of Furla Group, adding: “We’ve invested significant financial resources in managing the unrestrained growth the company has experienced over the last several years, from acquiring total control of our retail distribution network in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, to strengthening our supply chain. Our single, fundamental goal has always been to guarantee continuity and excellence in all of Furla’s creations.”

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